Application Risk Intelligence

Application Risk Intelligence plays a key role in any organization’s overall security and risk posture. Enterprise applications are the primary source of an organization’s critical assets and processes. As such they are the primary targets for insider and external threats and attacks. Most organizations have limited to no threat monitoring of these applications and are rely primarily on access controls and network security solutions that do little or nothing against an insider threat or an external targeted attack. Operating under a false sense of security, organizations need a real-time, continuous monitoring control to provide them with visibility into application-targeted threats before it is too late.

Benefits: Real Time Visibility with Actionable Intelligence

The Securonix solution for enterprise applications provides:

  • Continuous control and compliance monitoring
  • Automated rapid detection of high risk activity through behavior analysis
  • Detection and monitoring of high risk access and activity
  • Continuous detection and monitoring of critical information for DLP
  • Enriches data with identity, behavior and business context for security and compliance management
  • Pro-active detection and management of fraud, misuse, snooping and other illicit activity

Download and print this datasheet for Application Risk Intelligence:

Application Risk Intelligence