McAfee EMEA SE Summit Review – April 20, 2012 @ 5:20 pm

This week, Securonix were privileged to be a sponsor of the inaugural McAfee Sales Engineering Summit, due to our membership of the Security Innovation Alliance.

The week long event was held in the wonderful southern Spanish city of Malaga, famous for it’s tapas, fresh fish and marina, for the worlds rich and famous yacht owners.

The main themes during the week were clearly focused on the rise of big security data, how it can be managed, assessed and responded to.  Security across the entire organisation now requires complete solutions covering the end to end life cycle protection of information assets, from storage to transit and accessibility.

This solution driven approach encompasses a wide array of attack vector counter measures, analytics, management, compliance and reporting, resulting in huge amounts of security data.  This ‘big’ security data can be generated from numerous sources such as event and transaction monitoring, alerting platforms, identity management sources and threat dictionaries for example.

As organisations develop, using more flexible approaches to work (home working, Bring Your Own Device), engaging in more supplier chain and partner integration and utilising more complex and distributed systems, the need for detailed analytics and intelligent security response is key.

Content and context, play a central part in being able to identify where the highest risk resides within the organisation, from a personnel, data, event, transport, resource and device perspective.

The role of behaviour profiling is also a major component of being able to identify whether an event is of a high risk to the organisation and if it was malicious or non-malicious.  Profiling, along with peer group comparisons, make it easier to help identify the security exceptions from the white noise of data and help drive real time compliance and remediation and ultimately prevention.

A great week with thought provoking discussions, demonstrations and great tapas!

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