Big data – Evolution or Revolution – August 13, 2012 – August 13, 2012 @ 7:21 pm

Big data – Evolution or Revolution – Security Data Matters

Everyone these days is talking about big data. What’s all the hype about? Big Data may seem like the natural evolution of the information era. The more we rely on computer systems for our business and daily lives, the more data we create. It’s a simple enough concept for anyone to grasp right?

Well, it seems that not everyone has the same view on this. Many organizations are now falling into the category of dealing with more big data problems than solutions. Creating enormous amounts of data results in more problems than it apparently solves. Where and how do we store the data and most importantly, how does it help us do a better job? What insights can we gain from all this information?

Welcome to the age of intelligence. Intelligence is loosely defined as “Understanding”. This means something. Most organizations with big data find themselves having more questions than answers. Even more so, isn’t intelligence about not needing to necessarily know what the question is? We’re looking for answers not questions. In an analytics world, big data is leveraged on in order to ask questions, analyze the data and extract statistical answers from the data that we have. In a better world, software automates this process. A solution provides intelligence only once it automates the process in which we are able to gain insights through a profound automated understanding of our business, risks and concerns and automatically pointing us in the right direction.

We see this every day. Huge investments have been made in information security from firewalls to IDS/IPS to WAF, DLP and SIEM. Many companies have made these investments only to find that they are at a dead end. They are now producing so much data, from so many sources, that their security analysts are completely unable to wrap their heads around. They aren’t sure what they should be focusing on and overall they have not really improved their overall confidence in their InfoSec operations.

Where does the problem lie? It’s all in the fact that the data is lacking context and correlation. What if your financial data was put in context of your security data? Isn’t it almost obvious that correlating identity to activity is key to success in really understanding your security and risk landscape?

That’s the great thing about Securonix. It delivers actionable security insights that are based on all of the above. From profiling user and resource behavior to correlating it with events that are happening throughout your organization, Securonix provides a new level of confidence to security professionals and their ability to secure their enterprise. It points them in the right direction while providing them with the facilities to run full forensic investigations that dive through all the different layers of the organizations’ data structure, from network access to identity management along with context aware activity within the organizational information systems.

Isn’t intelligence great? UDERSTANDING! It is being able to act immediately and in context of what it is we are trying to achieve.

What else is great about intelligence? it thrives on data, Big Data. The more data you give a platform like Securonix, the more knowledgeable you become, the better results you achieve.

Join us in this new world of context aware computing, where it is not necessary to know which questions to ask but rather start from answers and move on to action!

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