Announcing the Worlds First Access Scanner

Knowing who has access to what resources in your organization is crucial to your overall security posture. The task of analyzing, understanding and mitigating high risk access in organizations is a tough, many times inaccurate manual process. Often times, when employees get transferred their access is not removed and they pose a significant security risk to the organization. Compliance with government and industry regulations require organizations to ensure that users have the right access for their job.

Securonix introduces a breakthrough application for mining, analyzing and mitigating access risk in 5 simple steps that will take no more than a few hours to perform. This unique application provides organizations with the ability to monitor user access and perform scans on user access to detect high risk access privileges that are outliers for the users.

Introducing the Securonix Access Scanner

The Access Scanner is a tool that provides an innovative way to quickly identify rogue access to critical data and provides actionable intelligence that can be quickly acted on to enhance the  overall security posture. Use the Securonix Access Scanner to demonstrate compliance with policies and regulations for controlling access.  This breakthrough one of a kind technology allows organizations of all sizes to accomplish in minutes, tasks that would usually take weeks or months to accomplish with traditional technologies.

Immediate Benefits:

  • Rapid deployment – You can be up and running in 15 minutes
  • Immediate Visibility – See all the access outliers in your organization on a single dashboard
  • Easy to use – Visual UI driven flow for identifying access risk in your environment
  • It’s FREE for 60 days- The Access Scanner is provided as a hosted service free by Securonix. Simply click on the Contact Us button, fill the information and we will set you up with a free account

Access Scanner Main Screenshot

What does it do?

The Securonix Access Scanner collects user identity and access data from your applications and analyzes each access privilege held by every user. The advanced analytics used by Securonix determines those accounts who have access that they probably shouldn’t i.e., a service rep user with access to company financials. The output from the Access Scan are actionable from the interface or you can download a report of all High, Medium and Low risk entitlements.

How does it work?

The solution executes multiple advanced analytical techniques to run comparisons between users, accounts and entitlements and their peer groups in order to determine what “good access” is and to flags any Access Outliers.

Access Outliers are those accounts who after running the analytics are flagged for investigation.  In most cases these would be accounts where a user has access to certain areas in the organization where most other people in similar roles to him do not have access.  For example, someone who used to intern in the Finance department and has since taken a different role in the company as a customer service rep.  This user may have left over permissions to access some financial files that none of the other members in the customer service group have.  The system will automatically flag this type of access as an outlier and suggest for those outlier entitlements to be removed.

Access Scanner Free Trial
The Securonix Access Scanner is available for free NOW!