October 27, 2016

Former NSA leader talks Snowden and the future of infosec

John ‘Chris’ Inglis, the former Deputy Director of the US’s National Security Agency (NSA), remains a busy man. When not fielding never-ending questions from the media and others about Edward Snowden (who copied and leaked confidential documents when Inglis was at the NSA) he is often called on to talk about incidents such as the Hal Martin data exfiltration (which occurred after his watch) and more generally about cybersecurity.

Inglis’s employment at the NSA followed service in the US Air Force and the US Air National Guard. Today, having retired from the NSA in in 2014, he works on various projects including pro bono work, chairing groups, acting as a managing director at investment firm Paladin Capital Group and as an advisor to seven-year-old digital security company Securonix which hosted an event where he spoke this week at London’s British Museum.

At the event, Inglis spoke fluently and often with good humour as he fielded media questions, many of them revolving around the Snowden case (“I’ll answer if you ask me … I won’t be coy”, he promised at the outset). The following is an edited summary with selected quoting of his comments on various themes.

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