Access Risk Intelligence

Take a Risk Based Approach to Access Management

Managing access to applications and systems is difficult and very expensive. Every user within the enterprise has access to several applications, systems and databases to perform their job. Continuous changes occurring within organizations – new hires, terminations, changes in job responsibilities, transfers, re-organization, acquisitions, process outsourcing and application changes, has added to the challenges in monitoring and controlling access.

With compliance mandates to control user’s access to Personally Identifiable Information (PII), electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) and card holder data(PCI), organizations are under the gun to implement stringent controls around access.

Securonix provides an innovative way to quickly identify rogue access to critical data and provides actionable intelligence that can be quickly acted on to enhance overall security posture and comply with necessary regulations for controlling access.


Identify, Score, Remediate High Risk Access

Securonix introduces the industry’s first Identity Access Intelligence solution that uses a scientific approach to compute the risk associated with the access privileges held by the user.

The Securonix Access Risk Intelligence product uses proven, proprietary algorithms encompassing behavioral and peer group analysis techniques to identify outliers in access privileges. The technology computes and assigns risk scores to access privileges held by users, making it very convenient to remediate the highest risk access privileges.

The Securonix solution is deployed to enforce continuous controls for managing access related risk within your enterprise. With Securonix Access Risk Intelligence, you get notifications and alerts when baseline risk thresholds are crossed allowing you to remediate the highest risk access privileges from your personalized dashboard.

Use the Securonix Access Risk Intelligence product to:

  1. Clean up rogue access privileges on your critical hosts, databases and applications
  2. Perform continuous risk based access reviews for the highest risk access privileges
  3. Implement risk based access request system using your own request system
  4. Comply with regulatory requirements around access monitoring and management


Quick Deployment, Fast Results

The Access Risk Intelligence product is easy to deploy and provides quick accurate results.

To ensure quick and easy deployment in your IT environment, Securonix provides a number of collectors for supported protocols (jdbc, ldap), native connectivity to leading Identity Management products and even ETL capabilities to import proprietary data files provided by custom applications. The Securonix solution supports scheduled import jobs to ensure that the information is always kept up to date.

The Securonix solution will quickly provide the high risk access privileges for each application and system that can be sent to application owners, data owners and even business managers for review and remediation.

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