Access Scanner Product Tour

Detect, Quantify, Visualize, and Certify Access Risk

Imagine automatically identifying high-risk access in your critical applications without having to understand business access rules/ roles or manually identifying what is risky. Securonix’s Access Scanner makes this possible. Based on years of experience building identity and access analytics solutions, Securonix has packaged a plug-n-play solution that delivers measurable risk reduction against insider and external attacks while streamlining your costly access administration and compliance activities.

Access Scanner enables you to:

  • Show Compliance– Gain immediate visibility into the overall access risk posture of your key applications/systems at a fraction of the effort
  • Improve Protection– Reduce your exposure to insider and external attacks by removing their key source of attacks
  • Scan Continuously – Schedule scans at regular intervals to identify new access risks across your key applications and systems
  • Take Action– Take immediate action through investigation, acceptance, or a formal review

Automatically Find High Risk Access

Securonix Access Scanner is purpose built to automatically detect all types of high risk access from privileged service and shared accounts, to orphaned accounts, and rogue access. This means you do not need to know anything about account types, access entitlements, user identities or business rules in order to generate a prioritized list of high risk access for cleanup or review by the business.


Customize Detection, Reporting & Response

With Access Scanner you are empowered to tune and create new access risk detection and response policies to meet your specific compliance and risk management needs. The context-based policy engine allows you to turn on, modify, or create new policies through a self-service UI. Policies can include a corresponding workflow for notification or certification by the appropriate person.

Detection & Reporting

Investigate and Remediate

Access Scanner does not stop at identification but allows you visually investigate the risk and push it to the appropriate person for review or remediation. Unlike traditional compliance based certification efforts that lack real risk context and promote “rubber stamping”, Securonix’s approach focuses certification on true high-risk access while providing the necessary context to make an informed decision.

Forensic Investigation Workbench