From Data to Real Time Actionable Intelligence

Too many tools, too much information, and not enough context to understand what is happening until it is too late. Securonix solves these systemic problems across most organizations with continuous real time Security Intelligence on your internal users, systems and applications for true context-based monitoring and advanced detection of threats and risk across your enterprise. Detect insider and outsider attacks before its too late, transform access management programs into measurable high value business initiatives, slash compliance costs related to monitoring and access reviews, and start protecting critical information assets and resources using predictive analytics management techniques.

Some of the largest global enterprises use the Securonix Security Intelligence Platform. With Securonix, organizations become more effective by infusing “Actionable Security Intelligence” into their existing security management practices, allowing them to see more and do more with fewer resources, lower costs, and to gain a completely new perspective on information security threats and risks in their business.

Insider Threat Management

Detect, prevent, and manage insider threats from employees, contractors, and partners.

  • Data theft detection and prevention
  • Fraud detection and prevention
  • VIP snooping detection and prevention

Identity & Access Analytics

Focus your identity and access management efforts where it counts.

  • Cleanup rogue access privileges
  • Risk-based access reviews
  • Risk-based access certifications
  • Risk-based access requests

Data Exfiltration Intelligence

Detect high-risk data access and usage at the source while transforming an existing DLP program with identity context, advanced analytics, and visualization.

  • Data theft detection and prevention
  • VIP Snooping
  • IP Protection
  • Securonix for SharePoint
  • Securonix for Vontu
  • Securonix for WebSense
  • Securonix for McAfee DLP

Network Security Analytics

Get advanced threat detection and response with identity context, advanced analytics, and visualization for your existing SIEM program.

  • Insider threat Management
  • Application risk Analytics
  • Fraud monitoring
  • Securonix for ArcSight
  • Securonix for McAfee ESM
  • Securonix for Splunk

Application Security Analytics

Threat and risk monitoring for your critical business applications and the data they hold.

  • Custom applications
  • ERP applications
  • Document management systems
  • Clinical systems
  • Cloud applications
  • Securonix for SAP
  • Securonix for EPIC

Privileged Account Analytics

Real-time threat monitoring of service, shared, and high privileged user accounts.

  • Continuous real-time privileged account Analytics
  • Service account abuse monitoring
  • Securonix for Lieberman

Big Data Security Intelligence

Plug and play security analytics for big data solutions.

  • Securonix for Hadoop
  • Securonix for Splunk

Cyber Threat Analytics

Identity and behavior risk intelligence for rapid advanced threat detection.

  • Targeted attack detection
  • Advanced persistent threat detection
  • Advanced malware detection


Advanced security analytics for next generation managed security services.

  • Application risk monitoring
  • Insider threat management
  • Continuous risk monitoring
  • Forensics and Investigations

Continuous Risk Monitoring

Automated data driven IT risk monitoring delivered in business context.

  • IT risk monitoring and reporting
  • Securonix for iPost


Risk-based compliance solutions for streamlined detection, monitoring, and auditing controls.

  • SOX
  • PCI
  • ITAR