October 31, 2016

Securonix in AST Homeland Security Awards (Video Interviews)

Government agencies and the organizations that work with them are collecting, archiving and storing massive volumes of data in repositories — but haven’t been able to derive security value from it.

SNYPR™ is a security analytics platform that transforms Big Data into actionable security intelligence. It delivers the proven power of Securonix analytics with the speed, scale, and affordable, long-term storage of Hadoop in a single, out-of-the box solution.

SNYPR was purpose-built to translate the billions of events from hundreds of different data sources that big organizations generate daily into accurate risk intelligence and real-time threat detection.

SNYPR ingests petabytes of data generated in large organizations, processes it and analyzes it in real-time using a combination of user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA), unsupervised Deep Learning, and threat modeling to deliver true predictive threat detection and unprecedented historical investigation capabilities.

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