March 3, 2017 by Eleanor Ajala

Securonix Named Most Advanced Security Analytics Platform by Leading Analysts

According to the leading analyst firm KuppingerCole, “The Securonix Security Analytics Platform can be considered one of the most advanced implementations of the Real-Time Security Intelligence concept defined by KuppingerCole.”

In his 2016 Executive Review of the Securonix Security Analytics Platform, KuppingerCole analyst Alexei Balaganski reports:

“A key differentiator of the Securonix platform is its flexibility and extensibility: it provides a broad range
of predefined threat models and over 100 out-of-the-box connectors to identity management and
security tools to collect identity data, access and entitlements, as well as activities and violations from
existing corporate infrastructure. This allows the product to support almost any data source within the
corporate IT infrastructure: networks, devices, applications and even cloud services. For each supported
data source, the platform automatically applies appropriate behavioral models and analytics. It is even
possible to define custom analytical models for specific data sources.”

Read the entire KuppingerCole report here.

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