Detect Advanced Threats, Anywhere. At The Speed of Thought.

SNYPR® is a next-generation security analytics platform that transforms big data into actionable security intelligence. Built on a Hadoop big data security lake, SNYPR combines an open data model, log management, security incident and event management (SIEM), user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) and fraud detection into a complete, end-to-end platform that can be deployed in its entirety or in flexible, modular components.

Deploy The Complete SNYPR Security Analytics Platform or Modular Solutions

SNYPR Big Data Security Analytics

The complete SNYPR Security Analytics Platform transforms big data into actionable security intelligence. Organizations are collecting and storing massive volumes of data, without deriving tangible security value from it. SNYPR applies advanced machine learning and behavior analytics to enterprise data to deliver accurate security risk intelligence and predictive threat detection. It enables security teams to detect and contain any threat from anywhere, in real-time.

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SNYPR Security
Big Data Lake

The SNYPR Security Big Data Lake module enables organizations to collect, enrich, store, and secure massive volumes of data in a Hadoop open data model. With cost-cutting, unlimited data storage, built-in super enrichment that contextualizes data with meaningful intelligence, a blazing-fast natural language search engine, elegant visualization, and automated reporting; security teams can hunt, investigate, and respond with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

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Securonix UEBA

Light, nimble and quick to deploy, the Securonix UEBA 6.0 module contains analytics that are purpose-built to predict, detect and respond to threats. Now faster and smarter with a new UI, actionable visualizations of enterprise risk and one-click threat management. Packed with enhanced analytical and machine learning capabilities, 6.0 comes with more than 350 out-of-the-box connectors and one-click-deploy threat models that immediately deliver tangible benefits.

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