Securonix is the first product to market with true Identity and Access Intelligence capabilities. With a focus on providing actionable risk intelligence for business and IT, Securonix brings identity, access and activity data together and mines this data for business impacting security events – data breaches, intellectual property theft, occupational frauds and several other threats. By using our proprietary threat detection and risk rating algorithms, we will provide you with threat alerts that are future facing and predictive.

User Activity Monitoring

Whether you are required to track user activities for meeting compliance mandates or are concerned about theft of intellectual property and sensitive data by insiders, Securonix Risk and Threat Intelligence provides the right level of monitoring to meet your needs.

With the Securonix solution, you can view user identity, access and activity data along with security alerts in a single pane. Drill down to historical usage data and compare the usage data with the peers. Open investigations and easily view activities across multiple applications for a complete view of what the user was doing in that time period.

Risk Based Approach to Access Management

Securonix Risk and Threat Intelligence is revolutionizing the way organizations are controlling access to systems and applications. With millions of access privileges to manage, across thousands of users and hundreds of applications, organizations are looking for more innovative ways to keep their access related risk in check. Securonix uses highly sophisticated algorithms that can easily detect rogue access assignments and integrates with leading identity management and identity governance technologies to eliminate the or generate certifications on the rogue access.

Integrate Securonix with your existing access request technology to eliminate the possibility of rogue access being assigned to Users.

Risk Based Access Reviews

Eliminate rubberstamping during certifications, by providing certifiers with a view of only high risk access. Securonix uses sophisticated peer group analysis techniques to identify true outliers in access privileges, allowing you to focus effort only on those outlier exceptions. Our analysis has yielded organizations a reduction of 95% in the access privileges sent for review and an average of 80% revocation rates.

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Risk Based Access Requests

Access request approvals sitting in the approval queues causes weeks of downtime in user productivity. You can save lost dollars in unproductive employees and serve your business better my integrating Securonix with your access request system. By quickly computing the risk score for the requested access, Securonix can help you determine if any approvals are required.

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Clean Rogue Access

Are you struggling with cleaning up access to your structured and unstructured data? With legacy applications and data stores that have been in use for several years, the cleaning of access can be a time consuming process. Whose access can be taken away? What roles and groups can be eliminated? Securonix answers these questions for you and helps you meet your audit and security requirements.

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