Insurance Case Study:
Mutual Insurance Company Securonix

Customer Transaction Monitoring and VIP Snooping


Our client is a privately held mutual insurance company based in the US that provides property, casualty, banking and other financial services to its customers. The client has over 10 million customers and close to 40,000 employees



The client needed a way to be able to analyze very large data sets based off of transactional data in order to be able to detect cases of fraudulent banking transactions and data Snooping where persons with authorized access would look at customer records that they should not be looking at.



With multiple existing technologies already deployed in the customers environment, the customer was not able to automatically detect suspicious transactions conducted on customer data. The customer was concerned about the unauthorized access to sensitive customer records and the possibility of transactions on these customers. Securonix was brought in in order to address this issue. By combining several techniques including behavior analysis, peer group analysis and policy scans, Securonix was able to rapidly alert the client’s security team to misuse/abuse of access for fraudulent transactions and snooping.




  • Financial Services & Insurance

Securonix Use Cases

  • Unauthorized Customer Record Access Detection
  • Fraudulent financial transactions
  • VIP Customer Personal Data Snooping

Securonix Solutions

  • Privileged Account Monitoring
  • Application Intelligence


Data Sources

  • Active Directory
  • Microsoft ForeFront Identity Manager
  • Peoplesoft
  • Core Banking Application

Business Impact

  • Fraud detection
  • Increased customer data security
  • Improved Compliance
  • Reduced Risk of Data Compromise

Solution Tour

  • High Profile Customer List from Authoritative Sources

  • Fraudulent Transactions

  • Data Snooping Detection

The Securonix solution was used to inventory and tagging high profile customers. Using aggregation and correlation techniques, the customer imported data from multiple sources and flagged customers that had high net worth and conducted major business transactions. Additionally, the customer marked individuals with a high public profile in the federal or commercial sector.

The Securonix solution was used to analyze millions of transactions conducted daily on high profile accounts. Using behavioral analytics and peer analytics, the Securonix solution flagged suspicious transactions with high degree of outlierness from regular behavior exhibited by the accounts.

The Securonix solution was used to correlate events between account access and phone logs. By detecting unwarranted access to customer records, the Securonix solution alerted the fraud team when a customer record was accessed without proper reason.