July 20, 2017

We have firewalls, IPS, endpoint protection, DLP, SIEM and we still continue to get breached. The average breach to detection time is over 220 days, far too long. We are collecting the necessary information to do better than that. Pick any of the breaches over the last few years and... Read More

February 23, 2015

SANS recently released a sponsored report, “Analytics and Intelligence Survey 2014” by David Shackleford. I found the data interesting when read in detail, but would like to see more analysis and recommendations rather than graphs of data. I’ve followed Shackleford’s publications in the past, and this report may be more... Read More

February 23, 2015

As we look for details about the recent Anthem breach, one question arises: are we spending our time and efforts on the right problem? If we analyze the few details coming out of the Anthem breach, one becomes VERY obvious to me – risky access. I’m not talking about the... Read More

January 22, 2014

    January 2014 Issue The Year of Security Analytics From the Desk of the CEO 2013 Reflections and 2014 Predictions on the field of Security Analytics and Intelligence Dear Colleagues, 2013 was a watershed year for Securonix and the field of security analytics. Since getting started in this emerging... Read More