NOAA IT Security Conference

June 26, 2019 / Silver Spring, MD

No US cybersecurity division deals with this tricky trifecta daily, except for the exceptional team at NOAA. Covering from sea to space, NOAA provides minute-to-minute data about the conditions of our oceans, our major waterways and our atmosphere. And to do it without any interruptions, they rely heavily on a secure and resilient global network infrastructure.

So that NOAA’s Cybersecurity Division is prepared for every worst-case digital scenario, their Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) hosts an annual NOAA IT Security Conference. This year’s event – held Monday, June 24th through Friday, June 28th – includes briefings from various NOAA components and industry leaders. On Wednesday, June 26th (the main Security Day), there will be a cloud migration panel discussion, an impressive speaker lineup and a vendor meet and greet.