Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

Comprehensive Fabric for Threat Detection and Response

Improve Detection and Accelerate Response

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Security teams are spread thin between two major challenges, improving threat detection and accelerating incident response. They are hindered by the growing volume and complexity of threats, as well as hybrid environments that span on-premises and cloud architecture.

Securonix Open XDR provides you with a comprehensive security fabric that combines the core components required for fast and effective threat detection and response. Using advanced behavior analytics powered by an industry-pioneering user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA), Securonix Open XDR continuously delivers threat detection content aligned to the MITRE ATT&CK framework. Seamlessly integrated automated response capabilities, powered by pre-built connectors and playbooks, mitigate identified threats quickly and efficiently.

“We have been using the Securonix XDR and Autonomous Threat Sweep capabilities with integrations for our endpoint solutions to maximize our ability to detect and prioritize advanced threats. We are excited to leverage the Securonix unified XDR offering that packages behavior analytics, threat hunting and response capabilities in one solution to simplify the overall user experience, and empowers us to rapidly detect, investigate and respond to threats.”

JP Cheenepalli, Director Cybersecurity Engineering at AmerisourceBergen

The Benefits of Securonix Open XDR

Empowers your security team with complete visibility to help identify, detect, and respond to threats that are usually undetected by other security solutions.


Complete Real-Time Visibility Into Threats

XDR solutions assembled using legacy security systems struggle to integrate and communicate swiftly and effectively. With Securonix Open XDR, there is no need to struggle to integrate disparate SOAR and SIEM platforms. Threat detection is natively integrated with orchestration and response capabilities and response actions and playbooks can be directly integrated with detection policies and threat models.

Extended Visibility with Fewer Blind Spots: Automatically collect, correlate, and link data from endpoint, network, cloud, application, and identity solutions for real-time threat detection instead of relying on one type of data (such as endpoint detection and response).

Extended Connector Library: More than 650 out-of-the-box integrations and connectors simplify the integration of XDR into your environment.


Accurately Detect Advanced and Insider Threats

Legacy rule-based correlation is simple, but it often misses larger, more advanced threats. Securonix Open XDR leverages UEBA and patented machine learning (ML) based threat detection to connect together anomalies and other suspicious activities based on identities and other entities.

Built-In User and Entity Behavior Analytics: Identity-centric behavior analytics provides visibility beyond endpoint activity, while MITRE ATT&CK based threat chains combine individual alerts into threat patterns in order to prioritize high risk threats.

Out-of-the-Box Applications: Threat models and built-in connectors enable rapid deployment and quick time to value.

Threat Library and Threat Exchange: Continuously refresh use case content independent of product version updates.

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Get Ahead of Attackers

While incident response is reactive, beginning with a SIEM alert on a potential event, threat hunting takes a more proactive approach to detection. Securonix Open XDR gathers, enriches, and correlates data from appliances, cloud infrastructure, application delivery controllers, firewalls, and application servers, making threat hunting easier.

Real-Time Search on Live Channel of Data: Typically, security teams must wait until data is ingested and indexed before they can search. This increases the time required to detect and respond to threats. Live Channel gives you complete visibility into — and allow security teams to search for active threats on — live, streaming data even before data is parsed or indexed.

Spotter Search: Enable blazing-fast threat hunting using natural language search. The Spotter search capability gives threat hunters the ability to search across recent and historical data without impacting SIEM performance.

Securonix Threat Labs’ Autonomous Threat Sweep Service: Uses information about emerging threats to proactively hunt for signs of compromise. ATS acts as a force-multiplier for incident responders and threat hunters and provides valuable air cover for your security operations team.


Intelligent, Automated Incident Response

Security incidents, if not acted upon in a timely manner, can cause a lot of damage in a very short time. Automated response increases the productivity and efficiency of your SOC team, instead of relying on time-consuming manual investigation.

Built-In Playbook Actions: Securonix Open XDR provides automated incident orchestration and response with 275+ connectors and 3000+ playbook actions. Securonix playbooks are provided out of the box and are fully customizable. They provide you the means to automate or partially automate the actions you take in response to an incident.

Case Management: Built-in case management capabilities efficiently track and report on the incident response process. This workflow is used from the minute an analyst starts investigating a possible event to when an identified threat is mitigated.

Elevate Your SOC Visibility With Securonix Open XDR

Machine learning-powered behavior analytics provide enhanced detection.

Enriched events with identity and asset context provide proper risk prioritization.

Built-in threat intelligence decreases time to respond.

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