Securonix Network Detection and Response

Advanced threat monitoring combining network traffic, security logs, and entity context.

Advanced threat monitoring combining network traffic, security logs, and entity context.

Securonix NDR Benefits

  • Identify advanced threats that standalone network traffic analysis (NTA) or security information and event management (SIEM) solutions are not able to detect.

  • Reduce false positives by over 90% by prioritizing threats using Securonix threat chains that span across network and security events.

  • Rapid investigation and response using text-based search and link analysis on context enriched events and built-in security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) capabilities.

  • Improve efficiency and lower the operational overhead related to training and enablement when you only need to use a single console and database for all events.

Prioritize Advanced Threats

Use threat chain analytics to weed out noise and prioritize high-risk threats.

Threat Hunting

Hunt for threats on context enriched network traffic events.

Network Traffic Visibility

With built-in dashboards, search queries, and reports.

Detect and Prioritize Advanced Threats with Network Detection and Response

Advanced cyberattacks are usually slow and low and involve multiple steps. Detecting such threats requires monitoring and correlating indicators of compromise (IOC) across event sources.

Securonix uses threat chain analytics to stitch together IOCs across network traffic, security events, and user actions to detect advanced threats. Securonix threat chains are based on industry standard kill chain models such as the MITRE ATT&CK framework.

Search for Threats in Your Data

Straightforward Threat Hunting

Securonix Spotter enables blazing-fast threat hunting using natural language search.

The Securonix Investigation Workbench allows you to search for threat actors or indicators of compromise with visual pivoting available on any entity in order to develop valuable threat context.

Visualized data can be saved as dashboards or exported in a standard data format.

Improve Network Traffic Visibility

Data insights include reports on network traffic with built-in, shareable dashboards. Securonix also includes out of the box reports and the ability to create custom visualizations and reports as needed.

Improve Network Traffic Visibility