Securonix Security Applications

Customize Your Solution Quickly and Easily

Use Threat Chains to Find Advanced Threats

  • Threat chains use machine learning to identify anomalies and connect together a series of seemingly individual alerts over a period of time that comprise an advanced attack.
  • Each application includes out-of-the-box threat models that can rapidly scan through historical or real-time data to predict and detect advanced threats.

Customize Your Security Analytics

  • View and edit the logic built into threat models or change the risk scores to suit your unique business needs.
  • Select additive or exponentially escalating scoring for risk models.

Share Best Practices with the Threat Model Exchange

  • The Securonix Threat Model ExchangeTM is a library of threat models created by the Securonix cyber research team in collaboration with customers, partners, and national security leaders.
  • Access the library from the Securonix application interface and download and deploy the latest Securonix threat models with a single click.

Use Your Own Applications

  • Built on an open data model, you can use the raw or enriched security data in other applications.
  • You can also use your own custom security analytics applications, built by you or acquired from third parties, and plug them into the Securonix open data platform.

Securonix Security Applications Solutions

Insider Threat Application Bundle

Cyber Threat Analytics Application

Monitors security logs and network flows in order to detect malware infections, system compromise, lateral movement, pass-the-hash, pass-the-ticket, and other advanced threats.


Cloud Security Analytics Application

Monitors your cloud infrastructure platforms and applications for data exfiltration attempts, privilege misuse, advanced external attacks, and access anomalies. Supports integration with several cloud services including O365, Google Apps, Box, Salesforce, Workday, Hightail, Netskope, Okta, Ping, AWS, and Azure.

Patient Data Analytics Application

Monitors the activity of users accessing electronic medical records in clinical applications and detects attempts at data snooping and data exfiltration. Integrates with several clinical applications including EPIC, Cerner, Medicity, and Allscripts. Provides use cases, built-in reports, and dashboarding capabilities for compliance requirements such as HIPAA and HITECH.


Fraud Analytics Application

Baselines normal transaction behavior in order to detect fraudulent behavior patterns. Contains packaged use cases for many types of fraud including healthcare, ATM, online banking, retail, customer, and customer service representatives.

Trade Surveillance Application

Sophisticated threat and behavior models coupled with trade and compliance analytics identify and monitor the riskiest traders, portfolio managers, securities, and accounts. Narrows down the entities compliance officers should focus on.


Securonix Partner Solutions

Securonix enables you to take advantage of your existing security investments through proven integrations with select third party solutions. This allows you to leverage your existing security infrastructure in a coordinated response to advanced threats, giving you an advantage over traditional, siloed infrastructures.

Directory of Securonix Fusion Partner Program Members