Unlock Capabilities

  • Streamlined Integration

    Collect and correlate relevant events from Windchill and across your IT environment through a direct API integration.

  • Context Enrichment

    Enrich Windchill events with identity context from sources like HR data and IAM applications to monitor for threat patterns of anomalous users.

  • Threat Modeling

    Detect low and slow attacks that span across your IT environment with out-of-the-box threat chain analytics.

Securonix + PTC Windchill

PTC Windchill, a product lifecycle management platform, offers role-based access and auditing but lacks functionality around threat detection. Securonix helps protect your organization’s IP by monitoring Windchill activities and applying advanced machine learning and analytics to alert you of anomalous behaviors.

Uncover Malicious Activity With Advanced Labeling

A direct API integration allows you to easily access and categorize IP such as assemblies, parts, or designs and classify documents based on sensitivity. Labeling adds the necessary context needed to uncover behaviors that are indicative of compromise, including:

  • Data exfiltration via data export and data downloads
  • Suspicious sharing of data with high-risk security labels
  • Suspicious changes to security labels
  • Suspicious copy, delete and rename events
  • Excessive and outlier permissions compared to peers

Gain Insight With Identity Context

Securonix’s solution enriches events from Windchill with identity context obtained from HR systems, Active Directory, and IAM applications. Attributing activities to a single user makes it easier to monitor for specific threat patterns such as:

  • User Type Context: An offsite contractor downloads large amounts of data.
  • User Department Context: A user accesses confidential design documents that aren’t used by their peers.
  • User Location Context: A user logs in at odd hours from an usual geolocation.
  • User Termination Context: A user about to leave the company saves and exports large amounts of data.

Correlate Violations With Threat Chain Analytics

Our solution reduces noise and helps you detect threats by combining multiple indicators across different data sources. Here’s an example of a threat chain built by Securonix:

  • First, proxy data shows that a user is searching for jobs, indicating they may be a flight risk.
  • Next, Windchill data indicates that this user is accessing an abnormal volume of confidential data.
  • Lastly, email gateway data shows that this user sent emails with confidential data to their personal email account.

When combined, these actions indicate with high confidence an existing threat to your organization.

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Ready to maximize your PTC Windchill investment for security monitoring? Securonix helps improve threat detection and prevent IP compromise based on abnormal access to PTC Windchill files.

  • Detect suspicious behavior patterns which indicate a cybersecurity threat.
  • Enrich events with additional context around identity.
  • Enable rapid response to malicious activity to prevent IP compromise.

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