Under The Hood: Effective Threat Hunting For The SOC Analyst

August 22, 2018  /  10:00 AM PST or after on demand

The modern SOC cannot afford to rely just on cyber threat detection to stay ahead of sophisticated hackers and advanced attacks. Threat hunting – the proactive approach to root out attacks coming from within is an extremely valuable complement to even the most advanced cybersecurity detection technologies. Securonix includes the Securonix Spotter threat hunting platform for exactly this reason.

Attend this live webinar to hear about:

  • The most prevalent cyber threats hidden in your environment (that you are unaware of)
  • What threat hunting in the SOC is and how it reduces your cyber risk
  • The different types of information available to you
  • Free resources that can root out the most nefarious threats
  • Example scenario – threat hunting using Securonix Spotter