Co-Managed Services

Securonix Co-Managed Services allow you to realize the benefits of Securonix deployment rapidly and efficiently. Whether you are an organization that prefers to outsource some or all of your security operation, or are looking for an interim service, co-management allows you to:

  • Realize Immediate Value: become productive as soon as Securonix is implemented.
  • Rapidly Improve Security: instantly benefit from Securonix security analytics expertise and security intelligence from hundreds of Securonix customers.
  • Save Money and Resources: exponentially accelerate the reduction in manual work. That means faster detection, investigation and incident response cycles at a reduced overall cost.

Securonix offers two types of co-managed services:

Operational Support

Operational Support is a service that helps customers manage the Securonix platform. Our experts monitor the Securonix ecosystem to ensure optimal performance and business results.

What’s Included:

  • Upgrades, hot fixes, patches, and new threat model uploads via the threat exchange program
  • Support ticket management and fast resolution of all complications
  • Enhancements, bug fixes and reports as requested
  • A monthly health-check report

Threat Monitoring

Threat Monitoring is an extension of your incident response team. We perform initial analyses of alerts generated by Securonix and escalate only the highest-risk violations to your incident response team for additional action.

What’s Included:

  • Your own army of Securonix analysts
  • Investigation and escalation of alerts
  • Incident documentation
  • False positive identification
  • New use case support

Securonix co-managed services are available directly from Securonix as well as through certified partners.

For more information, contact the Co-Managed Services Team.