Customer Certifications: SecOps Bootcamp for Security Analysts and Content Developers

Path to Certification

The BootCamp combines the path to certification for analysts and content developers into one accelerated track. It begins with two e-learning pre-requisite courses: Course 100 – Introduction and Course 200 – Foundations. Next, users enroll in a five-day, instructor led Course 300 – Bootcamp tailored specifically for analysts and content developers. After completing bootcamp, users may choose to pursue other 300 level courses without retaking the prerequisite courses, or complete the path with the exam that results in certification.

Course 100: Introduction

These courses offer an introduction to user behavior analytics and the security industry, and provide an overview of the SNYPR big data security analytics platform and the common features referenced in later courses.

Course 200: SNYPR Fundamentals

These courses detail the of SNYPR, including how data flows through SNYPR from ingestion to violation detection, how to import data into SNYPR to support the use cases in your environment, and how to use common SNYPR features to manage your SNYPR environment and detect threats.

Course 300: Bootcamp

Instructor Led

The five-day BootCamp is instructor-led and specifically tailored for analysts and content developers. It educates, immerses and validates participant’s ability to perform activities associated with the use of the Securonix platforms. Using real-world scenarios and hands-on activities, participants will learn how to identify, develop and align cybersecurity use cases to business risks and threats, construct and test applicable content, recognize data enrichment opportunities, facilitate accurate visualizations and generate reports that enhance the organization’s security posture. Upon completion of Bootcamp, students may choose to take the exam that results in certification, or pursue additional 300 level immersion courses.

Course 400: Advanced Features

These courses offer instruction on how to use advanced features in SNYPR, including response orchestration, advanced integrations, complex use cases, custom rules and functions, and specialized applications.

Course 500: Specialized Technology

These courses features offer in-depth instruction on how to customize, configure, and enhance the platform, and integrate new functionality to maximize the capability of the platform to meet your organization’s unique business needs.



Upon completion of one or more Course 300: Immersions, students will be prepared to take the exam. Students who satisfactorily complete the exam will be certified Securonix practitioners and will be presented with a certificate of completion.