Insider Threat Detection and Management

Prevent and Stop Malicious Insider Attacks

Catch Insider Threats

Insider threats are difficult to detect because they come from within your organization. Employees, contractors, and partners require differing levels of access credentials in order to perform their jobs. Attackers can trick these insiders into giving them access or offer them money to knowingly take valuable information from the company.

Traditional security solutions focus on protecting the organization from external attackers. But this strategy neglects the damage an internal resource could do, maliciously or unwittingly, to the organization.

Securonix offers the ability to detect and respond to both external and internal threats with next-generation SIEM augmented by industry-leading UEBA.

“Employees or contractors identified as a ‘flight risk’ are linked to 60% of insider threat cases, increasing the likelihood that such incidents will involve the theft of sensitive corporate data.”

How Securonix Helps You Stop Insider Threats

Securonix UEBA offers out-of-the-box use cases for many types of insider threats including data exfiltration, privilege account abuse and misuse, compromised users, and botnet infections. By analyzing a diverse set of users, systems, applications, security events, and physical access data Securonix identifies high-risk behavior and prioritizes incidents for analysts to investigate.

Securonix also combines related security events together using contextual data. Instead of five separate alarms, analysts receive one alarm with five events attached, saving your security team valuable time.

Key benefits include:

  • Shorten the time required to detect and respond to insider threats from malicious and negligent employees.
  • Rapidly identify users at high-risk, including risky activities like data exfiltration, privilege account abuse and misuse, compromised users, and botnet infections.
  • Streamline threat hunting for hard to find threats already in your network.

Securonix UEBA is trusted by 5 out of the top 10 Fortune companies.

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Insider Threat Solution Capabilities

Shorten Detection and Response to Insider Threats

ShortenDR Insider

Your security team needs to find high-risk activity before they can stop it. Insiders already have access to valuable company information and may access it regularly as a part of their job, which makes spotting risky activity difficult. Using behavioral analytics you can identify when this access is abnormal so that you can investigate.

Advanced Behavior Analytics: With Securonix UEBA, security analysts are able to monitor users’ access to, and activity with, the company’s most important assets. Out-of-the-box analytics content, along with patented machine learning algorithms (both supervised and unsupervised), help identify multi-step attacks that span multiple alerts, enabling you to find insider threats with minimal noise for rapid detection and response.

Incident Response Orchestration: When abnormal data access occurs, your security team is alerted and Securonix Next-Gen SIEM provides your security team the with incident response workflow to investigate and remediate the threat. With built-in incident response orchestration and automation, analysts can investigate and remediate insider threats with Securonix SOAR without needing to change tools, lowering response times.

Rapid Recognition of High-Risk Users


Even using behavioral analytics to find abnormal user behavior, users and entities typically have multiple accounts and may work on different networks. Without the ability to track users across accounts, it’s hard to detect lateral movement and nefarious activity.

Entity Context: To enable the rapid detection of insider threats, your security teams require the ability to connect a user’s accounts together to create a universal profile of the user. Securonix generates a comprehensive identity and risk profile for every user and entity in your environment. This simplifies your ability to focus on high-risk users across your IT environment.

 Peer Group Analysis of Users’ Behavior: To pinpoint abnormal behavior more accurately, security teams benefit from understanding how a user’s activity is different from their peers in similar job roles. Securonix allows analysts to compare the actions of one user against their peers. This capability gives analysts automated outlier anomaly detection.

Securonix UEBA provides both capabilities to assist security teams to rapidly recognize high-risk users.

Detect and Hunt Threats in Real Time

StreamLine ThreatHunting

Insider threats can employ a long, slow attack because they are more likely to understand your network and know how to avoid detection. To address this, Securonix NextGen SIEM and SearchMore give you streamlined threat hunting on historical and real-time data.

Long-Term Search: Most SIEM platforms cannot easily search older data for threats that are already in the network. With Securonix Long-Term Search, you can reduce the time needed to investigate and find threats that are already in your environment. This search capability enables threat hunters to search on historical data easily, and without impacting SIEM performance.

Real-Time Search: Most SIEM platforms cannot alert on active, real-time attacks due to parsing. However, leveraging cloud-based storage and search technology, Securonix delivers faster search results and quicker threat hunting capabilities. Search in real time on streaming data without having to wait for parsing.

Detect, Monitor, and Prevent Insider Threats

Monitor and Control User Access to Critical Databases


Insiders with legitimate access may choose to abuse their access privileges. Often excessive access rights are granted to reduce the effort privilege management takes.

With Securonix, you can monitor users with high privilege access to critical databases, servers, and applications. Now, you can quickly identify users abusing their access.

Detect High Risk User Behavior


Sophisticated attacks rely on stealth. To do this, attackers increasingly rely on compromising existing internal resources. Once they get into the network, they perform lateral movement and steal data under the guise of a trusted user.

Securonix can quickly identify suspect accounts by detecting anomalous user behavior as compared to normal baseline patterns and peer behavior activity.

Prevent Botnet Infections

Prevent BotNet

Many security tools fail to discover botnet infections to corporate systems and users. At any time, the infected bots inside your organization can be summoned to launch internal or external cyberattacks, transmit sensitive data without authorization, or execute other malicious directives.

Securonix draws on additional context in your data to identify infected bots living inside your organization’s environment and take mitigation steps as needed.

“Securonix has helped to surface high-risk events that require immediate action.  One of the things we have programmed in is HR data around a known last-day-worked. We've been able to correlate people whose last day at work was within 48 or 96 hours of having foreign travel booked. Those things, by themselves, don't really mean anything, but as part of a model they add to the score of someone who has data leakage events. We've used those factors successfully to increase the score of someone with leakage events and prioritize them so that we can react before the person has left the company and the country.”

Greg Stewart at a Large BioTech/Pharma Company

Securonix Stops Insider Threats

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