Insider Threat

Detecting the Threats Within

Insiders have a significant advantage when it comes to penetrating your security. Security solutions such as firewalls and access controls have been built to stop external attackers, not trusted insiders. Whether their intentions are benign or malicious, it is still a threat to your security.

Insider threat actors can be current employees, terminated employees, contractors, vendors, suppliers, or anyone with access to your environment. They can be categorized into three broad buckets:

Negligent Insider

Actors who unknowingly or accidentally compromise data due to bad cyber hygiene practices.

Malicious Insider

Actors who intentionally compromise data.

Compromised Account (Resident Insider)

Actors whose account is compromised and misused for malicious purposes.

Insider threats are a serious concern for businesses as they can result in financial and reputational damages costing millions of dollars. The risks posed by insiders include:

IT Sabotage

An insider using information technology (IT) to direct specific harm at an organization or individual.

Data Compromise

An insider using IT to steal intellectual property, customer information, or other data from the organization. This category includes acts of industrial espionage involving insiders.

Insider Fraud

An insider using IT for the unauthorized modification, addition, or deletion of an organization’s data for personal gain. Includes the theft of information that leads to an identity theft.

Insider Threat Detection and Management Platform

The Securonix solution is built to address these challenges. Using purpose-built data correlation, enrichment, and analytics, the Securonix solution detects not only high-risk users but also high-risk activities, access, and events associated with insider threats. It does this by mining and analyzing a diverse set of user, system, application, security event, and physical access data to identify abnormal behavior.

Beyond detection, Securonix performs continuous monitoring and scoring, and provides reporting and advanced investigative capabilities. The solution provides the advanced technology needed for a complete insider threat management program that leverages your existing security programs and investments.

  • Purpose-built analytics provide rapid, consistent, and quality analysis across key data sources.
  • Big data scale supports real-time data mining and threat detection against large data feeds.
  • Automated correlation and enrichment of identity and threat information across multiple internal and external sources provides critical threat context needed for investigation and remediation.
  • Peer group analysis of users’ behavior and comparing access against their peers allows for automated outlier anomaly detection.
  • Behavior analysis of users, peer groups, accounts, and systems provides signatureless detection of insider threats.
  • Application and data risk visibility monitors sensitive data for insider threat risks.
  • Advanced scoring and visualizations provide effective, efficient, and continuous reporting of insider risk and threat levels.
Transform Raw Event Data into Meaningful Insights with Context Enrichment

UEBA Transforms Raw Event Data into Meaningful Insights with Context Enrichment

Advanced Behavioral Analytics Combined with Packaged Content finds Complex Threats

Advanced Behavioral Analytics Find Complex Threats: Behavioral Profiling

Immediate Visibility with Turnkey Management

Securonix provides rapid, actionable insider threat intelligence giving you the visibility into the highest risk users in your environment and the tools to monitor, report on, and investigate them.

  • Predictive threat detection
  • Reduced breach impact
  • Comprehensive threat response and investigation
  • Quantifiable, non-subjective threat and risk reporting

Examples of the Types of Insider Threats You May Find

Data Exfiltration

The main goal of insider threats is the theft of sensitive data from the organization. This data may include financial (card holder) data, customer information, personally identifiable information (PII), protected health information (PHI), or intellectual property. Unlike legacy security tools that don’t have enough context about fine grained entitlements to identify these threats, Securonix behavioral analytics will very quickly bubble up instances of seemingly legitimate data access that are really instances of data theft.

Compromised Insiders

Advanced attacks rely on stealth. Attackers increasingly rely on compromising existing internal resources rather than breaking in through the front door. Once in they can perform lateral movement and data theft under the guise of a trusted user. Behavioral analytics can quickly identify suspect accounts by detecting anomalous user behavior as compared to normal baseline patterns and peer behavior activity.

Privilege Abuse

Insiders with legitimate access may also be abusing their access privileges and increasing the risk to the organization. Often excessive access rights are granted to reduce the effort privilege management takes. An advanced analytics-based security solution can quickly point out the insiders abusing their access.

Botnet Infections

Many security tools fail to discover this type of threat to corporate systems and users. At any time the infected bots inside your organization can be summoned to launch internal or external cyberattacks, transmit sensitive data without authorization, or execute other malicious directives. An advanced analytics-based security solution will draw on additional context to identify infected bots living inside your organization’s environment and take mitigation steps as needed.