Securonix for Electronic Medical Record Applications

Protect Patient Data Privacy by Monitoring and Preventing Data Snooping Attempts

Stolen healthcare records are worth ten times more than credit card numbers on the black market and hackers are following the cash. Manual auditing methods or simple, rule-based methods can help organizations meet basic compliance needs, but they do not protect patient data from insider threats or targeted cyberattacks.

Securonix leverages the latest advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence to baseline normal behavior patterns and detect suspicious data access patterns that can be a sign of compromise.


“Securonix is providing us actionable intelligence on threats related to patient data privacy. Our security and privacy teams are more efficient in investigating such threats thus improving our overall HIPAA compliance posture.”

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Karl West

CISO & Assistant VP of Information Systems, Intermountain Healthcare

Streamlined Integration

Collect relevant events from all major EMR applications.

Context Enrichment

Detect suspicious behavior patterns which indicate an advanced cyberattack.

Robust Data Insights

Visualize activity and threat patterns in your environment.

Compliance Reporting

Hundreds of out-of-the-box reports for compliance monitoring.

Securonix Integration and Use Cases

Securonix has direct integration with all major EMR applications including, but not limited to, Epic, Cerner, Medicity, All Scripts, and Meditech. This enables organizations to rapidly deploy the Securonix solution and realize a rapid return on their investment.

Key use cases include:

  • Family, self and neighbor snooping
  • Co-worker snooping
  • VIP snooping
  • Data exfiltration
  • Unauthorized patient data access
  • Detect ransomware attacks and anomalous file encryptions
  • Meet audit and compliance reporting including PCI and HIPAA

Leveraging Context from Non-EMR Applications

Securonix UEBA and Next-Gen SIEM solutions provide a large assortment of connectors, allowing you to collect data from a variety of data sources including HR/IAM applications, network and security devices, endpoints, cloud data sources, and more.

Correlating the anomalies in this data, along with EMR events, helps you detect and prioritize the highest-risk threats in your environment.

For example, the image to the right is a kill chain of a phishing based attack. Securonix combines logs from email, hosts, EMR application, and network devices to detect such advanced targeted attacks.

Securonix Data Insights

Securonix provides dashboards for EMR data and violations, enabling you to visualize activity and threat patterns in your environment.

The dashboards are fully customizable and shareable. Granular role-based access control can be implemented to limit access by job role.


Compliance Reporting

Securonix provides hundreds of out-of-the-box reports for compliance monitoring. Reports can be run on a schedule or run on ad-hoc basis.

Reports can be exported or emailed to designated recipients. All major data formats are supported, including pdf, xls, doc, xml, and csv.

Securonix Fusion Partner Program

Securonix Fusion Partners are committed to providing you with robust integrated solutions.