Securonix for Okta

Monitor and Prevent Credential-Based Threats to Your Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud is a world without a perimeter. Attacks on services hosted in the cloud are a lot easier to perpetrate than attacks on on-premises services because there are more protections available for on-premises services. Cloud authentication systems are vulnerable to external cyberattacks such as dictionary password attacks, account takeover attempts, and others. Compromised credentials can lead to data leakage from your critical cloud applications and services.


Bi-Directional Integration

Collect relevant authentication data and take action.

Threat Modeling

Combine events from cloud and on-premises applications for an end-to-end view into the threat.

Risk-Based Monitoring

Seamlessly monitor and prevent advanced cyber threats.

Intelligent Incident Response

Respond by enforcing policies in Okta.

Securonix Integration with Okta

Securonix has a bi-directional integration with Okta to collect relevant authentication data and take action to block access or enforce strong risk-based authentication.

Securonix integrates with Okta API’s to collect user access information.

This information is enriched and analyzed to detect behavior anomalies and threats to your cloud environment.

Okta API Data Type Description
System API Event Logs Authentication events, user profile updates, user state changes, application and group assignments
User API Users User information such as creation date, status, last login, Okta id, etc.
Group API Groups Group members, assigned applications, authentication policy, etc.
Apps API Apps Managed apps, status, provisioning features, authentication parameters, credentials scheme

Securonix Threat Modeling

Analyzing Okta authentication events alone may not give you a comprehensive view of the full extent of the cyber threat your organization is facing. Securonix combines events from Okta with logs from your cloud and on-premises applications to provide an end-to-end view into the threat.

Key use cases include:

  • Detect login anomalies
  • Detect password attacks
  • Identify account compromise, including account sharing
  • Detect access anomalies, including excessive permissions and weaker authentication policies compared to peers
  • Identify admin privilege misuse, including permission escalation, misuse, etc.
  • Enforce multi-factor authentication
  • Disable access

Risk-Based Monitoring and Data Insights

Many organizations are moving their applications and data to cloud. However, not many have the correct security monitoring to detect and prevent advanced cyber threats in cloud. By combining the strong authentication capabilities of Okta with the advanced behavior analytics of Securonix, organizations can seamlessly monitor and prevent advanced cyber threats.

In addition to the analytics, Securonix also provides a dashboard to enable users to quickly view and analyze authentication events.


Intelligent Incident Response

Upon detecting a threat, Securonix has the ability to respond by enforcing policies in Okta to immediately suspend user access or to to challenge the user to verify their credentials (for example, requiring two-factor authentication).

Securonix Fusion Partner Program

Securonix Fusion Partners, such as Okta, are committed to providing you with robust integrated solutions.