Know if You've Been Breached

Financial services organizations are prime targets for cyberattacks, malicious or negligent insiders, and fraud. Securonix Next-Gen SIEM lets you continuously monitor your environment and uses fraud-specific threat chain analytics that link events across your applications, users, and more to uncover anomalies.

Why Securonix for Fraud Monitoring?

  • Monitor High Privilege Accounts

    Monitor users with privileged access to critical databases, servers, and applications to quickly identify if credentials are compromised.

  • Gain Transaction Level Visibility

    Build a comprehensive risk profile for all of your users with visibility into activities associated with sensitive data and transactions.

  • Respond to Threats from Insiders

    Detect insider threats through behavior analysis of users, peer groups, accounts, and systems.

  • Maintain SWIFT Compliance

    Leverage fraud-specific threat content pre-built into the platform, including content for SWIFT monitoring.

Improve Fraud Detection and Response

Identify Fraud with Pre-Built Use Cases

Securonix’s built-in content for fraud can stitch together a series of low-risk events and alert you before they become high-risk attacks. Fraud-specific threat chain analytics alerts you to anomalous activities and allows you to quickly mitigate the threat. Some key use cases include:

  • Suspicious wire transfer detection (SWIFT monitoring)
  • Expense fraud detection
  • Accounts payable/receivable fraud
  • Suspicious vendor transaction detection
  • Detection of rogue orders/suspicious shipping requests
  • Stolen card usage/CNP fraud detection

Mitigate Threats with User Risk Scoring

Securonix Next-Gen SIEM monitors users and data across your IT ecosystem at the transaction, data set, and user record level in order to continuously identify and build a risk profile for all high-risk users. Securonix gives you visibility into activities associated with sensitive data and transactions. Fraudulent events, such as an account takeover or an anomalous transaction are flagged by the system so you can respond and mitigate potential threats.

Monitor High Privilege Accounts

Privileged account abuse poses one of the greatest threats to organizations, whether perpetrated by external attackers or insiders. Securonix identifies high privilege accounts, such as users with financial account transaction rights, and monitors them for abnormal behavior associated with an attack. Our solution can link high-risk behavior back to a real user and their risk profile in order to give a potential threat full context.

"To catch the modern attacker, we need to closely monitor the behaviors of users, computers, and IOT devices across our organization network. Securonix utilizes patented machine learning to monitor behavior patterns compared to baselines and detects suspicious deviations for anomalies. Securonix can uniquely stitch together anomalies using threat chains that reduce noise for the analyst and give them a clear view of threat escalation to enable users to act on and remediate threats."

"The Securonix SIEM solution is powerful. Once it collects the security logs, Securonix automatically detects threats on our network."

"My experience with Securonix has been great. I love the product, the vision it has makes it stand apart from other players in the market. I would like to express my thanks to the Securonix support which is exceptional."

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Securonix Stops Insider Threats

Monitoring financial data and records is essential, and Securonix can help.  We help you increase your application security and monitor users and entities by leveraging the latest advances in machine learning to alert you to compromise. 

  • Secure your organization’s IT infrastructure from advanced threats, fraud, malware, phishing, and more.
  • Detect suspicious patterns at the transaction level that could indicate a cyberattack
  • Leverage robust reporting to visualize activity and stay compliant
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