Test Table

Securonix Splunk Exabeam LogRhythm IBM QRadar
Flat Pricing Priced by number of employees Priced by number of employees AND number of devices Combined (extra expense)
One Platform (for Log Management, SIEM, UEBA and Soar)
Software as a Service Partial (No SaaS UEBA)
Open Platform
Enrich Data in Real Time Partial (Active Directory-based enrichment in UEBA)
Horizontal Scalability
Behavioral Analytics Content Patented machine learning with packaged apps for insider and cyber threats Limited built-in content (Built It Yourself) Limited content (User-centric use cases only) Limited content (Less than 10 statistical models) Limited built-in content
Ability to Build Your Own Analytics
Content With Kill Chain Analytics (e.g., Mitre Modeling)
Adaptive (Self) Learning Models to Auto Tune Noise
Data Privacy With GDPR-Specific Workflows Partial (Limited data masking capability in UEBA only)