Addressing the Cyber Skills Shortage Using AI and Machine Learning

Security Analytics, SIEM

The cybersecurity industry faces a tremendous challenge in the form of a massive skills shortage. According to Forbes magazine over 40,000 security jobs are currently unfulfilled and organizations are struggling to fill another 200,000 positions. It is imperative for organizations to rapidly adopt artificial intelligence (AI) and automation technologies if they hope to keep pace with the complexity and number of hacking attempts.

Securonix applies advanced AI to help security analysts respond to cybersecurity alerts faster across cloud and hybrid IT architectures with ResponseBot and SNYPREye. These new capabilities were recently released in Securonix version 6.2 and are designed to relieve the stress on cybersecurity analysts and help them reduce their incident response time by up to 95%.

Securonix ResponseBot analyzes your security expert’s the decisions and how they address security incidents, and uses machine learning algorithms to analyze and learn these behaviors. This learning includes complex security incidents that occur over an extended period of time. Then, as new alerts are detected and triaged by Tier 1 security staff, ResponseBot leverages its AI engine to guide the junior analysts to quickly assess and resolve alerts. Resolving more alerts at the Tier 1 level frees up the more senior Tier 2 and Tier 3 Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts, improving the overall efficiency of the security team and allowing them to focus on higher-priority insider threats, advanced malware, data leakage, and hacking attempts. This alert and remediation information is available to every security analyst through an updated command center that facilitates data sharing and collaboration across the security team.

SNYPREye is a sophisticated management console for the Securonix Next-Gen SIEM. In today’s dynamic threat environment, configuration tuning and security system management takes a significant amount of time. SNYPREye alleviates this burden by alerting the SOC team to any required platform changes in real-time. This helps security professionals focus on addressing security concerns instead of spending valuable time managing security technologies.

Commenters in the press love to talk about how AI, robotics, and automation make careers redundant. This couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to cybersecurity. SOC analysts and incident responders are under a constant barrage of hacking, data theft, and insider breach attempts, and the only way that they have a hope of getting ahead of the bad guys is to rapidly develop and adopt AI and automation technologies.