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Google Cloud Platform (GCP) provides many solutions, including secure virtual networking, database and compute capabilities, microservice and container support, a structured big data framework, and cloud storage. As organizations leverage GCP, they need to address how to secure this infrastructure. There are two main challenges that enterprises face when trying to secure GCP:

  • Increased Attack Surface: Google Cloud Platform’s footprint encompasses hundreds of different services. These services provide a broad attack surface that can be exploited by external attackers or malicious insiders with legitimate privileges through malware, phishing, data exfiltration, and other advanced threats.
  • Cloud Platforms Need Cloud Security: Detecting and responding to cloud security threats requires a security solution that can successfully correlate cloud security events with on-premises network events to create a holistic security picture.

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How Securonix Stops Threats to Your Google Cloud Platform

The public cloud opens up a huge attack vector for enterprises. In isolation one event may not indicate a security threat, but when combined with data from across the enterprise correlated events may indicate that an escalating security threat is present. In order to provide this visibility Securonix integrates across the entire GCP service stack, as well as other cloud and on-premises infrastructure and applications. Securonix also provides threat content specific to cloud-based infrastructure, such as unauthorized access or cloud instance creation, or unusual data transfer behavior observed on live flow logs.


Learn how to protect your organization from cyberattacks on cloud infrastructure.

Faster Threat Detection Across All Google Cloud Platform Services

In order to detect cloud-based threats, a security platform must be able to ingest data from across your entire cloud environment. Securonix provides complete GCP service integration as well as content tailored specifically for the cloud. This allows Securonix to quickly identify cloud-specific threats.

Pre-Built GCP Cloud Security Use Cases Content: Securonix provides pre-built cloud security monitoring content to detect anomalous security events, in real time – such as an unusual spike in the amount of information being transferred out of the network, or a large amount of information being moved at the same time. Your security team will be able to detect threats as they emerge so they can respond before damage is done.

GCP Firewall Event Monitoring: By ingesting information from the GCP Firewall Securonix can reliably detect cloud network events such as port scan attempts and host enumeration attacks over system ports. The Securonix advanced analytics engine can use these indicators to map threats across both the GCP environment as well as your entire enterprise network. The GCP Firewall integration provides a near-complete view of network activity across GCP, allowing for better threat detection.

Comprehensive GCP Service Portfolio Integration: Gain visibility into threats through our integration with the GCP Pub/Sub messaging middleware solution. Securonix has built-in API integration with multiple Google Cloud Platform components, collecting data from App Engine, Firewall, Google Kubernetes Engine, and multiple other GCP services.

Eliminate Blind Spots With Security Monitoring Across Cloud, Multi-Cloud, Hybrid, and On-Premises Systems

As organization’s environments grow to span multi-cloud, hybrid, and on-premises infrastructure, blind spots can develop that can serve as foothold for attackers. Securonix is capable of ingesting data from across all these infrastructures, covering your whole IT environment. This helps you cover blind spots and identify threats that other tools may have missed.

Security Event Correlation Across Your Entire Infrastructure: Securonix provides a complete view across your entire GCP environment, helping you identify threats that span multiple services. The platform also ingests events from on-premises and multi-cloud architectures, such as Active Directory watchlists, and correlates them with GCP events, giving your security team a holistic view of advanced threats across your entire infrastructure.

Multi-Source Cloud Data Aggregation for Threat Modelling: By ingesting data from GCP Pub/Sub, as well as other cloud data sources, Securonix can combine related events into a single alarm no matter which cloud or on-premises data sources they originated from. Threat chain modeling automatically stitches together data from multiple sources in order to detect and prioritize high risk threats.

Detect and Respond To Advanced Threats With Behavioral Analytics

Most cybersecurity solutions cannot accurately detect advanced threats that occur across multiple devices with multiple stages – such as an after-hour login to the office server (detected by the firewall) followed by a data exfiltration attempt (detected by the endpoint agent). Securonix behavioral analytics helps your team reliably detect and respond advanced threats.

Built-In Content for Critical Security Use Cases: Using Securonix behavioral analytics content, security teams can detect and respond to data exfiltration, suspicious login behavior, movement of sensitive data, and privilege escalation use cases. This content helps prevent the loss of critical corporate IP that would otherwise go undetected because the activity and access appears legitimate.

Attack Pattern Identification and Threat Chains: Individual event alerts may not always point to a threat. However, finding patterns based on a series of events from different threat data sources can accurately pinpoint hidden threats. Securonix uses behavior-based analytics to detect suspicious behaviors such as a rare login location or a spike in email forwards.

Supports Both Real-Time and Historical Search: Securonix’s GCP integration enables analysts to use real-time search on data and long-term search on historical event data in order to assist with threat hunting. Securonix SearchMore capabilities give analysts access to their data in a fraction of the time taken by other security platforms.

Respond To Threats With Built-In SOAR Capabilities: Multi-event response capabilities and playbooks allow for the swift remediation of threats with proactive measures such as shutting down instances and blocking suspicious or compromised user credentials.

Turning the tables on advanced attackers through better recognition and categorization of threats and a highly predictive SIEM platform for detection and response.

Securonix Stops Advanced Threats in Your Google Cloud Platform

  • Gain complete visibility into security threats.
  • Detect hidden threats using built-in threat content and advanced behavioral analytics.
  • Eliminate blind spots and see threats end-to-end across your multi-cloud or hybrid infrastructure.

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