Google Cloud Platform Security Monitoring

Identify patterns and pinpoint potential threats in your Google Cloud Platform (GCP) environment.

Remove Cloud Security Blind Spots

The rapid adoption of hybrid cloud environments makes it harder for organizations to detect and respond to unauthorized access of sensitive data in the cloud. Securonix Next-Gen SIEM enhances data security by monitoring all aspects of the cloud, including infrastructure, data sharing, enterprise applications, access management tools, and beyond.

Extend Detection and Response to Cloud Threats

Securonix analyzes possible security events to look for malicious activity. Through integrations with the GCP, Google Kubernetes Engine, and the Google Cloud Operations Suite, Securonix leverages Google’s security infrastructure to collect all threat information into a single source of truth.

Enhanced Security for Google Cloud Platform

Use Cases
Threat Modeling

Integrate with Google Cloud Platform

Securonix provides complete GCP service integration allowing you to gain visibility into threats through our integration with the GCP Pub/Sub messaging middleware solution. Securonix’s built-in API integration with multiple Google Cloud Platform components allows you to collect data from App Engine, Firewall, Google Kubernetes Engine, and multiple other GCP services.

Cover Key GCP Use Cases

Securonix provides pre-built cloud security monitoring content to detect anomalous security events that would otherwise go undetected.

Using Securonix behavioral analytics content, security teams can detect and respond to data exfiltration attempts, suspicious login behaviors, movement of sensitive data in the Google Cloud, and privilege escalation use cases in real-time.

Detect Faster with GCP-specific Threat Models

A direct API integration with the GCP stack allows you to correlate events in the cloud with contextual information from other on-premises data feeds. Our advanced analytics models then automatically stitch together related anomalies to detect and prioritize high-risk threats across your entire environment.

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Securonix is a cloud-native security solution that deploys as-a-service to provide organizations with cloud-to-cloud monitoring.

  • Gain complete visibility into security threats.
  • Detect hidden threats using built-in threat content and advanced behavioral analytics.
  • Eliminate blind spots and see threats end-to-end across your multi-cloud or hybrid infrastructure.
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