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About Securonix Global Education

Securonix Global Education is committed to the success of our customers and partners in the use and support of our products. We are dedicated to enabling them with the competencies required to protect, detect, react and respond to the ever changing and present cyber threats their organizations face.

The Securonix Global Education team has over 20 years of combined experience assisting organizations and government agencies in the design, implementation, management and operation of their cyber security capabilities. We leverage this experience, and the advanced platform functionalities, to develop and deliver exceptional and relevant knowledge experiences for the participants.



Series Designation

The Securonix Global Education certification paths are focused on developing the competencies necessary to successfully operate the platform and are based upon recommended personas.

The certification workshops are comprised of a multi-faceted approach to education. Each workshop includes lectures, product immersion, practical hands-on exercises and proficiency assessments. Each facet leverages real world scenarios to enhance the participants understanding and operational effectiveness.

LevelSeries NameSeries NumberDescription
IntroductionPlatform Introduction100These courses offer an overview of security analytics, the industry, the platform, top use cases, and common terminology that will be used in later courses.
FoundationalPlatform Fundamentals200These courses offer an overview of the recommended platform roles, common architectures, functionality and associated applications including common platform capabilities that we’ll discuss further in later courses.
ImmersionPlatform Instruction300These courses offer an in-depth experience and exposure to the platform. They include tutorials, walk-throughs, exercises and tests to expose, teach, enforce and validate participant’s ability to use the system.
ReinforcementContinuing Education (CED)400These courses will facilitate high-level knowledge of platform enhancements, upgrades, application usage leveraging existing/new use cases, detailed task-based, functional usage of the platform and provide simulations to hone and validate knowledge.
AdvancedFocus on Technology500These courses offer an in-depth perspective to enhance participant’s knowledge about customizing, configuring and using the platform by building and integrating functionality to facilitate new capabilities.