Path to Certification

The path to certification begins with completing the 100 series course. Next, users enroll in a 300 series course toward their selected certification(s). After completing the prerequisites and the selected 300 series workshop or online course, the students will sit an online exam to confirm their understanding of the course material and their proficiency with using the platform to within their selected certification. After successfully passing the exam, students may pursue another certification without retaking the prerequisite courses.

The 400 and 500 series courses are currently under development. Once available, these courses will offer advanced and specialized training for SNYPR.

Series Name Series Number Description
Introduction to SNYPR 100 These topics provide an introduction to user behavior analytics and the cyber security industry, and offer an overview of the SNYPR big data security analytics platform and the common features referenced in later courses.
SNYPR Specialist Certifications 300 These courses detail how to develop customized content to detect threats to your organization, how to manage threats and incidents from detection to resolution, and how administer the application and troubleshoot issues to maintain the healthy operation of the platform.
Advanced Features in SNYPR 400 These topics describe how to use advanced features, including response orchestration, advanced integrations, complex use cases, custom rules and functions, and specialized content to enhance the performance and capabilities of the platform. (Under Development)
Specialized Functionality for SNYPR 500 These topics feature in-depth instruction on how to customize, configure, and fine-tune the platform, and integrate new functionality to maximize the capability of the platform to meet your organization’s unique business needs. (Under Development)



Securonix learning credits enable flexible purchasing and spending to get the most from our educational offerings.

Each learning credit (LC) provides up to four hours of instruction. Learning credits can be applied to instructor-led on-site* and remote workshops or online courses.

15-50 LCs = $400.00 per LC
51-100 LCs = $350.00 per LC
101-150 LCs = $300.00 per LC

*Additional charges may apply for on-site training.

For general questions please contact [email protected]

Workshop Schedules

Securonix is pleased to provide the following schedule of training workshops to facilitate knowledge and enablement of our platforms. When you identify the ideal date, location and certification path, please contact the Global Education team for pricing and registration. This schedule will be updated quarterly. The Securonix Training team understands that it may be more cost effective to train your staff on your site. We request that there be a minimum of six students for onsite workshops and all travel costs are reimbursable.

View Workshop Schedule – Internal Only

If you would like an onsite workshop, please contact the Securonix Training team for availability and scheduling.