Securonix Products

  • Next-Gen SIEM

    Gain Security Monitoring for Hybrid Environments

  • UEBA

    Detect Advanced Cyber and Insider Threat

  • SOAR

    Accelerate and Automate Incident Response

Flexible Deployment for Every Organization

  • Securonix SaaS

    Securonix delivers an analytics-driven SIEM, UEBA, and XDR, as a pure cloud solution without compromise.

  • Bring Your Own Cloud

    Keep your data in your cloud environment while unlocking powerful threat detection and response.

  • Managed Service

    Securonix solution powers and is delivered by 70+ MSSP and MDR partners globally.

Hear what customers say about Securonix

Check out our Gartner Peer Insight reviews. Securonix is committed to helping our customers meet their cybersecurity goals.

Customer Spotlight: Alberta Health Services

Alberta Health Services reduces false positives by 90% with Securonix.

The Need

Alberta Health Services experienced alert fatigue from too many false positives while spending 2-3 hours a day on SIEM maintenance and tuning issues.

The Solution

Alberta Health Services reduced false positives by 90% compared to their previous SIEM solution and offloaded maintenance so the team could focus on detection and response.

Customer Spotlight: LeaseLock

LeaseLock won more business by improving detection and compliance for PII and financial data.

The Need

LeaseLock needed to build customer trust through stronger data privacy and compliance reporting. They chose the Securonix Next-Gen SIEM to centralize and improve their security operations.

The Solution

LeaseLock reduced manual security investigations from hours to minutes while improving compliance and reporting. They won new business with their stronger security posture and gained the ability to detect signatureless threats from insiders.

Global Infrastructure Leader Gains Multi-Cloud Visibility and Threat Detection

Removed silos and reduced complexity by analyzing all logs within Snowflake and only paid for compute resources used.

The Need

The global infrastructure leader’s legacy SIEM lacked the ability to scale, multi-cloud visibility, and was growing in cost. With ongoing acquisitions, they needed more robust threat detection capabilities to meet their business needs.

The Solution

The security team saw the immediate benefits of keeping all their data in one place using their Snowflake instance and leveraging Securonix Next-Gen SIEM to detect and respond to security threats. They gained multi-cloud flexibility and industry-leading security.

Holding Company Stops Phishing and Data Exfiltration with a Single Platform

Centralized visibility and threat detection across multiple business units without requiring a large security team.

The Need

The Holding Company needed to consolidate its security tools across all its business units to catch insiders and advanced attacks.

The Solution

Securonix Next-Gen SIEM with powerful UEBA capabilities reduced noise by taking thousands of possible phishing alerts to single digits. Additionally, they could detect data exfiltration attempts without a large security team.

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Securonix collects massive volumes of data in real time, detects advanced threats using innovative machine learning algorithms, enables you to quickly investigate the alerts that matter the most, and provides actionable security intelligence for an automated response.

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