Why Securonix for UEBA?

  • Industry-Pioneering Behavior Analytics

    Leverage patented machine learning capabilities and out-of-the-box use case content that is trusted by 5 of the Fortune 10 companies.

  • Clear Visibility into Cloud Environments

    Extend security monitoring to your cloud environment with built-in APIs for all major cloud infrastructure and application technologies.

  • Insider Threat Monitoring

    Mitigate the risk from insiders with a UEBA that combines events with user context to alert you of behaviors that deviate from established baseline.

  • Extensible to Any SIEM

    Upgrade without having to rip or replace. As a cloud-native solution, our UEBA can be deployed quickly on top of your existing SIEM.

Detect Unknown Threats

Securonix UEBA leverages advanced machine learning and behavior analytics to reduce false positives and give you a complete understanding of user and entity threats.

  • Behavior Analytics: Understand behavior patterns with pre-built analytics that help you uncover complex threats with minimal noise.
  • Threat Chains: Identify low and slow attacks with threat models that map to both the MITRE ATT&CK and US-CERT frameworks.
  • Peer Group Analysis: Automate anomaly detection with the ability to baseline user activities against their peers.

Realize Fast Time-to-Value

As a cloud-native solution, Securonix UEBA can be deployed quickly, enabling you to rapidly respond to threats from outside or within.

  • Pre-Built Use Cases: Benefit from immediate, one-click access to content for Insider Threats, IP Theft, Fraud, and more.
  • Turnkey Analytics: Investigate and respond more efficiently with built-in analytics, connectors, and case management workflows.

Maximize Your SIEM Investment

Leverage a flexible technology stack that lets you easily upgrade your legacy solution without having to rip and replace your existing SIEM.

  • SIEM + UEBA: Realize cost savings on your existing investments by seamlessly integrating our UEBA with any other legacy SIEM.
  • Cloud-Native: Our platform allows you to benefit from all the data in your IT environment with zero infrastructure to manage.

2023 Threat Report

Phishing attacks increased 62% over the last year, recently leveraging corporate tools like Microsoft OneNote, and continues to be the leading vector for threats. Read the Threat Report for the top tactics, techniques and procedures and the leading indicators of compromise observed by Securonix Threat Labs.

Securonix helps HDFC Bank Combat Complex Threats

Learn why HDFC chooses Securonix as their partner to detect complex cyber attacks.

"It has saved a lot of investigation time. As compared to other solutions, it has saved more than 50% time. When it comes to false positives, it is about 60% more effective. Its analytics-driven approach to finding sophisticated threats and reducing false positives is very important. With other similar tools, we have to work a lot to reduce or manage false positives."

"When it comes to monitoring network devices, such as firewalls, it can detect behaviors that would be difficult for other solutions to detect or for normal engineers to detect manually. The previous product detected almost 1,000 to 1,500 events as positive events, whereas Securonix generates less than 200 events, and most of them are not false positives."

"We have partnered with Securonix for many years. From an early on-prem deployment, as one of the first cloud customers, and finally on to steady state cloud usage. My team is always poised to support our current implementation and strategically assist us in getting to the next level of maturity."

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Detect insider and advanced cyber threats with the power of analytics using Securonix UEBA.

  • Detect unknown, zero-day, and advanced persistent threats.
  • Reduce false positives and noise using risk profiling and out-of-the-box analytics.
  • Upgrade legacy SIEM solutions without having to change or replace your existing SIEM.


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