Securonix User and Entity Behavior Analytics

Detect Unknown Threats Using the Power of Machine Learning on Big Data


Entity Context

Build a comprehensive identity and risk profile for every user and entity in your environment.

Behavior Analytics with Packaged Apps

Use out of the box analytics to find complex threats with minimal noise.

Cloud and Application Analytics

Detect threats to your cloud and enterprise applications.

Data Privacy

Enforce role-based access control (RBAC), data masking, and other privacy controls in compliance with GDPR and other industry requirements

Do you struggle to measure the return on your insider threat detection and prevention program?

Transform Raw Event Data into Meaningful Insights with Context Enrichment

  • Build a comprehensive identity and risk profile for all entities in your environment: users, IP addresses, and hosts.
  • Enrich events in real time with entity context, including identity data, asset information, geolocation, threat intelligence, and data from lookup tables.
  • Point in time IP attribution ties dynamic IP address to an entity.
  • Identify and prioritize true risks by elevating the risk score based on entity context and peer group comparison.

Advanced Behavioral Analytics Combined with Packaged Content finds Complex Threats

  • Apply sophisticated, patented machine learning algorithms to event data in real time to accurately detect advanced and insider threats.
  • Stitch together a series of events over time using threat chain models in order to surface the highest risk events.
  • Securonix comes with out of the box use cases delivered in the form of threat models and built-in connectors that enable rapid deployment and quick time to value.
  • Includes use cases for insider threat, cyber threat, fraud, cloud security, and business applications.
  • Continuously update and refresh use case content using the Securonix Threat Library and Threat Exchange.

Faster Investigations and Automated Incident Response

  • Securonix Spotter enables blazing-fast threat hunting using natural language search.
  • The Securonix Investigation Workbench allows you to rapidly investigate incidents by pivoting on anomalous entities and tracing associated activities and events.
  • Securonix intelligent incident response provides built-in incident playbooks with configurable automated actions.
  • Comprehensive incident management and workflow capabilities allow multiple teams to collaborate on an investigation.
  • Includes Response Bot, an artificial intelligence-based recommendation engine that suggests remediation actions based on the previous behavior patterns of Tier 3 analysts.

Cloud and Application Analytics Monitor Applications Deployed On-Premises or in the Cloud

  • Includes API integrations with major cloud and enterprise applications and services including Office 365, Salesforce, SAP, Windchill, Box, Workday, AWS, Github, Azure, Google Apps, and more.
  • Out of the box use case content can be used to detect threats such as data theft, privilege misuse, malware infection, and more.
  • Real-time incident response capabilities provide risk-based authentication and response.

Comply with Global Compliance Mandates using Robust Data Privacy Protections

  • Robust role-based access controls mean that different user groups will only see the data they are entitled to.
  • Data masking protects an individual’s data and privacy and prevents users from accessing sensitive data unless they have a specific need to.
  • A full audit trail means that you will be able to track and investigate all activity that takes place in the solution.
  • Privacy capabilities are approved and certified by more than 15 works councils across Europe, Africa, and Asia.

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