Securonix Investigate

Expedite investigation and response with on-demand context and analyst collaboration.

Automatically Enrich Context and Streamline Collaboration

Expedite incident analysis with up-to-date context during investigations in flight. Share insights and knowledge within the investigation without pivoting to external tools like ticketing, email, or messaging.

Solay Adaikkalavan, Director, Product Management, demonstrates how Securonix Investigate expedites investigation and response with on-demand context and analyst collaboration.

Why Securonix Investigate

On-demand Data Enrichment

Gather data from vast external and internal sources at any time to keep context up-to-date and relevant.

Annotate Within Workflows

Retain knowledge and observations in a central location without leaving the investigation.

Integrated AI

Get a deeper understanding and build threat content through human-like conversations while providing security controls to protect against data leaks.

Dedicated Team Channels
Share specific information across teams or trusted groups with specific communication channels.

Speed Investigation with On-demand Content Enrichment and Streamlined Communication


Accelerate Threat Mitigation

Securonix Investigate automatically gathers data from internal systems and external sources, when needed, to accelerate the investigation process. This reduces the need to spend time manually correlating contextual data or developing and launching playbooks to gather context.

Use the natural language query and response capabilities of generative artificial intelligence to learn more about technologies, understand specific commands, and help build threat content. Leverage inherent security controls and audit capabilities to protect against data leaks.

Get The Context Needed for a Clearer Threat Picture

Find the key details needed to understand incidents and effectively mitigate the impact by consolidating related information into a single view. This single view aligns to the data presented within the Securonix user interface for added details that shed light on threats.

View data from internal systems, external sources and generative AI to understand the full context of observations and to cross reference data from multiple sources.

Communicate Details Across the Team

Communicate information type and urgency to identify patterns and improve your ability to react to data. Annotate, document, and share observations during investigation across the team or within specific trusted group channels such as red, blue, and purple teams. Log large language model (LLM) queries for ever search and use the audit logs to configure detections to alert on compliance issues or sensitive data leaks.


Content Enrichment and Collaboration When and Where You Need It

Securonix Investigate provides an ever-present, free-floating context window that aligns relevant details to the incident under investigation. You can also share insight across the organization and dedicated teams more efficiently within the context window.

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Securonix Investigate allows you to gather and align new and updated context on-demand and communicate insights across the team.

  • Gather new and updated context to incorporate additional context as investigations progress.
  • On-demand content enrichment reduces the need to comb through multiple internal and external systems looking for new or updated details.
  • Minimizes the need to move out of the system to communicate ideas and details to other members of the team.
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