Bring Analytics to the Data Lake

Securonix and Snowflake have joined forces to provide a fully integrated solution that gives you best-of-breed security analytics on top of a scalable cloud data lake. Customers own their data and store it in a single location for optimized costs and data security.

Why Securonix + Snowflake?

  • Single Source of Truth

    Remove silos and reduce complexity by analyzing all logs, assets, and configurations in one place.

  • Transparent Pricing

    Store near-unlimited amounts of data at affordable cloud rates and pay Snowflake for only the compute resources you use.

  • Faster Detection & Response

    Streamline investigations with our centralized Next-Gen SIEM solution that acts as an extension of your Snowflake Data Cloud.

  • Simplified Data Security & Governance

    Enable consistent implementations of security and privacy controls for data protection with a single copy of data.

Consolidate Your Security Data

Learn how to simplify multi-cloud security monitoring from the experts.

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Gain access to security subject matter expertise, out-of-the-box use cases, and all the required data parsing and enrichment capabilities, on top of the best and most flexible data cloud.

  • Consolidate your entire enterprise and security data into a single location.
  • Retain your data without compromising on threat detection and response capabilities.
  • Unlock transparent pricing and significant cost savings with affordable cloud rates.

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