Bring Your Own Snowflake

Get best-in-class threat detection and response at cloud scale without compromise.

Multi-Cloud, Not Multi-Silos

Our shared deployment model extends our full-stack Next-Gen SIEM seamlessly to your snowflake cloud environment. All security logs and other relevant data are stored and analyzed in one place allowing for faster detection and response to threats.

Why Bring Your Own Snowflake?

Transparent Pricing

Store near-unlimited amounts of data at affordable cloud rates and pay Snowflake for only the compute resources you use.

Maintain Data Ownership

Securonix hosts the core SIEM application while allowing you to own and manage data in your existing Snowflake implementation.

Industry Leading Analytics

Get best-in-class security analytics while leveraging the scalability and performance benefits of the Snowflake Data Cloud Platform.

Cloud Platform Agnostic

Retain your data in your cloud service provider platform of choice without compromising on threat detection and response capabilities.


Gain a Single Source of Truth

Remove silos and reduce complexity by analyzing all logs, assets, and configurations in one place.

  • Split Architecture: A split architecture solution enables you to use Securonix analytics on top of your existing Snowflake Data Cloud Platform.
  • Search and Threat Hunting: A consolidated UI provides you with the ability to seamlessly search, hunt, and visualize data in the Snowflake data lake at scale, with no performance compromise.

Enable Faster Detection and Response

Streamline investigations with our centralized Next-Gen SIEM solution that acts as an extension of your Snowflake Data Cloud.

  • Real-Time Enrichment: Business datasets from your Snowflake account can be loaded independently and combined with security data for context enrichment.
  • Advanced Analytics: Compute power is virtually unlimited and can be scaled as needed for faster investigations across terabytes and petabytes of data.

Simplify Your Data Security and Governance

Enable consistent implementations of security and privacy controls for data protection with a single copy of data.

  • Data Security: Keep your data within your Snowflake implementation while still leveraging Securonix Next-Gen SIEM for security visibility, analytics, and intelligence-based incident response.
  • Security Metrics: You own all of the collected log data and can leverage it for use cases beyond SIEM, such as operational observability, security metrics, and control validation.

Bring Analytics to the Data Lake

Securonix and Snowflake have joined forces to provide a fully integrated solution that gives you best-of-breed security analytics on top of a scalable cloud data lake. You own your data and store it in a single location for optimized costs and data security.


Consolidate Your Security Data

Learn how to simplify multi-cloud security monitoring from the experts.

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Gain access to security subject matter expertise, out-of-the-box use cases, and all the required data parsing and enrichment capabilities, on top of the best and most flexible data cloud.

  • Consolidate your entire enterprise and security data into a single location.
  • Retain your data without compromising on threat detection and response capabilities.
  • Unlock transparent pricing and significant cost savings with affordable cloud rates.
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