Time to Rise with Securonix Next-Gen SIEM

Our Values

Customer First

We believe your long-term success is vital to our long-term success. We collaborate closely with our customers to understand and provide sustainable value to your business in order to ensure both immediate and ongoing success.


We’re opposed to the status quo — and we’re obsessed with innovating our way forward. That’s what led us to build the first signature-less user behavior analytics solution and led us to transform it into a complete security analytics and operations platform to help organizations detect and respond to advanced threats.


We believe that no single organization can do it all. We collaborate with our customers and partners to develop the best in breed solution to combat advanced threats.


We see things as they are. We believe the best way to build a better security analytics platform is to harness the power of machine learning on Hadoop. All to deliver unlimited scale, resilience, and cost-effectiveness as well as the power to predict, detect, and respond to advanced threats.


We’re writing the rules to deliver on the promise of next generation SIEM — we’ve pioneered and we’re leading the market.

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