Unlock Security Analytics at Cloud Scale

Achieve unmatched detection in a unified, modern SIEM that lets you deploy anywhere.

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Why Securonix?

Unified Platform

Experience SIEM, UEBA, and SOAR capabilities in a unified platform that scales to over a million events per second.

Powered by Analytics

Leverage best-in-class analytics and pioneering security content from Threat Labs for unmatched detection and response capabilities.

Top-Notch Content

Reduce false positives by 90%, simplify testing and deployment, and unlock extensive threat coverage with industry-leading security content.

Delivered as-a-Service

Unlock all of the benefits of a cloud-native solution with flexible deployment options and zero infrastructure to manage.

Discover Tomorrow’s Threats Today with Threat Labs

Threat Research
Data Science
Threat Content
Threat Hunt

Threat Research

Our dedicated research team deconstructs real-world threats to provide you with actionable intelligence on adversary tactics, techniques, and procedures.

Data Science

Our team of data scientists helps you combat advanced cyber and insider threats by creating patented algorithms for behavioral and peer analytics.

Threat Research Lab

Content As-A-Service

Gain access to consistently updated threat content through a one-click opt-in process to easily keep pace with rapidly evolving threats.

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Autonomous Threat Sweeper

Acting like your own dedicated Cyber Rapid Response Team, Autonomous Threat Sweeper (ATS) automatically and retroactively hunts for new and emerging threats in current and long-term historical data.

Autonomous Threat Sweeper

3 Reasons Customers Choose Securonix

  • Replace a Legacy SIEM

    Securonix delivers a scalable cloud-native SIEM to meet the needs of today’s hybrid enterprises.

  • Improve Detection and Response

    Securonix SIEM is powered by analytics and comes with pre-built content to respond to complex threats on day one.

  • Optimize Costs and ROI

    Securonix provides flexible deployment options to optimize your costs and reduce operational overhead.

Hear what customers say about Securonix

Check out our Gartner Peer Insight reviews. Securonix is committed to helping our customers meet their cybersecurity goals.

Get a Demo of the Analytics That Breaks the Rules

See why your peers think Securonix’s threat-oriented analytics at cloud-scale delivers the best threat detection and response, helping you to realize:

  • Simplified Deployment and Management
  • Threat-Oriented Analytics
  • Flexibility for Your Organization’s Unique Needs
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