Why the Securonix Platform?

  • Unlimited Scalability

    Our platform features a big data, open SaaS architecture that supports better performance and unlimited scalability for modern enterprises.

  • Advanced Analytics

    Our approach leverages out-of-the-box content powered by advanced analytics to uncover complex threats with minimal noise.

  • Cloud Native

    Our cloud-native platform allows you to benefit from all the data in your IT environment with zero infrastructure to manage.

  • Open Architecture

    Our platform is built with an open and modular architecture to support a vast partner ecosystem.

One Platform, Many Use Cases

Securonix delivers out-of-the-box connectors and content to enable customers to implement a variety of security and fraud monitoring use cases across industry segments.

Collective Defense with Securonix Threat Labs

Get the most relevant threat content, delivered daily.  Our diverse team brings industry-renowned data scientists and threat experts together to help you discover tomorrow’s threats today.

Vast Technical Partner Ecosystem

Securonix is proud to join forces with some of the most prominent technology companies in the world to provide you with seamless visibility and response across diverse technologies.

“Overall [we are] very satisfied with the Securonix SaaS solution. Quick deployment and time to value with very little manual effort”

“It was a smooth implementation experience. Good support from the Securonix team throughout. Very flexible product - with ability to create custom detections”

“Our prior SIEM had many reliability issues and was not releasing new functionality to meet our needs. Moving to a cloud-hosted SIEM took the management off our team and the Securonix platform included many new capabilities to better meet our needs.”


  • Datasheet
    Extended Detection and Response
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  • Threat Research
    Log4j/Log4Shell Zero-Day Vulnerability
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  • Datasheet
    Network Detection and Response
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Complex and siloed infrastructures are a thing of the past with our cloud-native, big data platform. Built with powerful analytics at its core, the Securonix platform helps you stay ahead of advanced threats and scales with you as your business grows.

  • Unburden analysts and reduce false positives with smart analytics.
  • Take the complexity out of your infrastructure with a unified platform.
  • Achieve fast time to value with instant deployment and an intuitive UI.

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