Maximize Your SIEM Investment

Simplify Investigations in an Integrated Solution

Remove complexity with an integrated view of detection and response across your entire security environment. Your SOC can now easily identify and respond to incidents in a single, consolidated tool.

  • Single Pane of Glass: Easily extend orchestration actions to over 275 security and IT applications triggered directly in your SIEM.
  • SIEM + SOAR: An unbounded integration consolidates your data, giving you the ability to automate workflows across your operations.



Work Smarter with Automated Response

Take security a step further with repeatable, automated orchestration. Our solution uses advanced analytics to automate workflows, allowing your team to focus their time where it matters most.

  • Recommendation Engine: Enable better threat triage with machine learning that analyzes past remediation steps of your top analysts.
  • Built-In Connectors: Enable automated incident response with over 275 connectors.
  • Automated Playbook Actions: Remove complexity for analysts with over 3,000 out-of-the-box, fully customizable playbooks.


Boost ROI with Incident Management and Reporting

Securonix SOAR gives you access to robust reporting and response metrics that help you understand and improve the performance and efficiency of your SOC.

  • Incident Management: Track workflows and investigation steps that are useful for compliance audits and tracing data breaches.
  • Performance Metrics: Optimize performance with metrics around resolved incidents, mean dwell times and mean time to respond.
MSSP Benefit

Unlock Multi-Tenant Response

Securonix supports response actions in a multi-tenant environment, enabling analysts to take actions across multiple tenants from a centralized console. This capability is beneficial for managed service providers using Securonix to support multiple diverse customers.



“Within seconds, we were able to drill into events, correlate with additional context data, create cases, add evidence and assign team members to cases.”

“[Securonix] has easily decreased the time required to investigate alerts by 30 to 35 percent.”

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Start accelerating your incident response and streamlining your security operations with Securonix SOAR.
  • Empower your team to prioritize high-risk threats.
  • Automate routine response actions for common scenarios.
  • Improve SOC performance with robust tracking and reporting.

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