Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR) Solutions

Streamline your security investigations and response with our embedded SOAR solution, natively built into the SIEM for optimal integration. Discover why Securonix provides the best SOAR security solution to efficiently contain cyber threats.

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Streamlined Detection and Response in a Single UI

Enhance your security operations with Securonix SOAR, seamlessly integrated into the Unified Defense SIEM. Experience a unified workflow designed for efficient threat detection and response. Our SOAR solution is built-in directly into the system—not bolted on—allowing your team to tackle threats on a larger scale with reduced noise and fewer manual interventions. Optimize your security efforts with our advanced SOAR cybersecurity technology.

Why Choose Securonix for SOAR Security Solutions

An integrated analyst experience puts detection and response in a single workflow. This allows for higher efficiency and faster response times.

Securonix SOAR was built in the SIEM, not bolted on, so you have zero infrastructure to manage and unlimited scalability.

Simplified Licensing

Securonix is simplifying licensing by providing a flat pricing model. Add unlimited analyst seats without extra costs.

Multi-Tenant Deployment

Securonix supports multi-tenant environments, enabling analysts to take actions across multiple tenants from a centralized console.

SIEM and SOAR – Better Together




Increase Investigations Efficiency with SOAR

Securonix helps your team work smarter, not harder. Our integrated SOAR offering simplifies the analyst experience and streamlines the end-to-end incident response cycle with a seamless workflow for threat detection, investigation and response.

  • Embedded SOAR: Seamlessly incorporate response actions into the SIEM policies without having to switch screens or tools.
  • Automated Playbook Actions: Remove complexity for analysts with out-of-the-box playbooks that cover the most common use cases.
  • Playbook Designer: Easily build additional use cases to meet your organization’s unique needs.

Respond to Cybersecurity Threats at Scale

Our unified platform consolidates data-sharing and delivers threat detection and response in a cloud-native architecture that scales as you grow.

  • Cloud Native: Built with a pure, SaaS architecture, security teams can easily add on SOAR as a seamless extension of our SaaS platform for better ROI and fast time-to-value.
  • Integrations: Scale response actions with orchestrations from best-in-breed tools like EPP, EDR, next-gen firewalls, and more.

Maximize your Security Operations Investments with Securonix SOAR and SIEM

Securonix SIEM + SOAR offers simple pricing and gives you access to robust reporting and dashboards that help you understand and improve the efficiency of your SOC.

  • Simplified Licensing: Experience predictable pricing without hidden costs such as the number of users or playbooks. Our SOAR is licensed in line with our  SIEM with no additional variables.
  • Reporting and Dashboards: A single view for detection and response helps you identify and address constraints in your security operations processes.

Simplify Your Security Operations with Securonix Integrated SOAR

Rapid response is essential to mitigate the risks of cybersecurity threats. However, many security teams leverage poorly integrated SIEM and SOAR solutions, adding unnecessary complexity to threat detection and response. Securonix brings your security operations into a single pane of glass to deliver seamless, end-to-end incident lifecycle management.


SOAR customers gain free access to consistently updated threat content through a one-click opt-in process. This enables new integration and playbook content to be updated regularly to meet the demands of evolving SIEM detection content.

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Start accelerating your incident response and streamlining your security operations with Securonix SOAR.

  • Streamline Investigation and Response in a single detection and response workflow
  • Automate routine response actions for common use cases
  • Improve SOC performance with robust tracking and reporting
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