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Information Security, SIEM
Beyond the Noise: Frictionless Security Empowers CyberOps Analysts

Frictionless Security is the silent weapon that empowers security analysts to navigate the ever-evolving threat…Read More


Information Security, SIEM
Introducing Simplified Security: Securonix Unveils New Pricing and Tiered Packaging

Pricing models have always been a common source of debate for SIEM solutions. That's why…Read More


Threat Research
Securonix Threat Research Knowledge Sharing Series: Detecting DLL Sideloading Techniques Found In Recent Real-world Malware Attack Chains

The Securonix Threat Research team takes a deep dive into this article in our knowledge…Read More


Shattering Silos With Cyber Mesh, the Backbone of AI-Reinforced CyberOps

Cyber Mesh is not just about integration, it’s about fostering an intelligent ecosystem where security…Read More


Securonix Threat Labs Monthly Intelligence Insights – March 2024

Securonix Threat Labs Monthly Intelligence Insights March 2024 provides a summary of top threats curated,…Read More


Information Security, SIEM
Breaking Bias: Exploring UEBA’s Role in Ethical Insider Threat Management

In the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape, the shadow of insider threats looms large. Organizations increasingly recognize…Read More


Information Security, SIEM
Q1 2024 Milestones: What’s New at Securonix

At Securonix we are always pushing the boundaries of what our Unified Defense SIEM can…Read More


Information Security, SIEM
From SOC to CyberOps: How AI is Revolutionizing Security Operations

The Security Operations Center (SOC) has long been the central nervous system of an organization’s…Read More


Information Security, SIEM
Cybersecurity Symphony: Securonix Adds Embedded SOAR Capabilities

In recent years, the SOAR market has consolidated as larger SIEM providers acquired smaller SOAR…Read More