Securonix Bring Your Own AWS

Take a hybrid approach for better data control and unlimited scalability.

Get Next-Gen SIEM Without Giving Up Control

Unlock the security benefits of a Next-Gen SIEM without sacrificing control of your data. Our SaaS solution lets you own and maintain your data in AWS account, while Securonix hosts the core SIEM solution. The result? Lower storage costs, greater data privacy, and virtually unlimited scalability.

Why Securonix Bring Your Own AWS?


Deploy in Your AWS Account

AWS customers can leverage a solution that is built in the cloud, for the cloud. Securonix is available as a split architecture, where AWS data, services, and applications are optimally deployed between your existing AWS infrastructure and Securonix’s infrastructure.

  • Split Architecture: A split architecture solution enables you to use Securonix SaaS-based analytics with your existing AWS account.
  • Zero Management: Securonix provides all of the operational configuration and management of your entire infrastructure, saving you valuable time and resources.

Enable Faster Detection and Response

Gain access to Securonix’s industry-leading behavior analytics within your existing AWS Cloud without having to duplicate data to a SIEM platform. SOC teams benefit from Securonix’s fully managed SaaS SIEM solution – achieving advanced threat detection and response without the cost and limitations of traditional SIEM solutions.

  • Real-Time Enrichment: Adding contextual information such as user IP address, asset inventory, and geolocation, along with a host of other sources, provides valuable insights to SOC analysts to help them identify real threats faster.
  • Advanced Analytics: Understand behavior patterns with pre-built analytics that help you uncover complex threats with minimal noise.

Ensure Data Storage and Privacy

As more applications move to the cloud to take advantage of operational efficiencies and cost savings, data privacy becomes tougher to maintain. Our approach satisfies privacy concerns and provides data resiliency while maintaining the analytical fidelity and efficiency of scale needed for security operations.

  • Data Security: Keep your data within your AWS implementation while still leveraging Securonix Next-Gen SIEM for security visibility, analytics, and intelligence-based incident response.
  • Data Storage: Our approach gives you access to nearly unlimited scalability while also saving you up to 40% in data storage costs.

AWS Validated Security Competency

Securonix holds Amazon Web Services (AWS) Security Competency status. This designation recognizes that Securonix has demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success in delivering SIEM as-a-service on the AWS platform.


Combine SaaS Security Analytics With Your Data Lake

Learn how to take a hybrid approach to security monitoring for better data control and unlimited scalability.

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Fully optimize your security monitoring and big data needs with AWS and Securonix.

  • Pay AWS directly so there is no middleman or markups on SIEM infrastructure costs.
  • Maintain better data privacy by keeping ownership of all your data.
  • Achieve advanced threat detection and response without the cost and limitations of traditional SIEM solutions.
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