Remove Cloud Security Monitoring Blind Spots

The rapid adoption of hybrid cloud environments makes it harder for organizations to stop unauthorized access to sensitive data in the cloud. Securonix provides visibility into your data by monitoring all aspects of the cloud, including infrastructure, enterprise applications, and access management tools.

Extend Detection and Response to Cloud Threats

Securonix monitors and analyzes security events to detect malicious activity without latency. Using advanced analytics we correlate on-premises data sources and cloud-based data together for end-to-end visibility across your entire IT environment.

Integrations With All Major Cloud Service Providers

  • AWS Security Monitoring
  • Google Cloud Platform Security Monitoring
  • Microsoft Azure Security Monitoring
  • Microsoft Office 365 Security Monitoring

Respond to Threats in Your Cloud Without Limits

Simplify Cloud Data Collection and Response

Cloud data sources aren’t easy for many legacy, on-premises solutions to ingest, but are an essential part of your environment. Securonix integrates directly with all major cloud services and security tools to help detect and respond to threats in near real-time.

  • Cloud Connectors: Collect data for security context with cloud connectors for many popular cloud applications, including: Office 365 and Azure, Google Apps, AWS, Workday, GitHub, and more.
  • API Integrations: Integrate with major cloud services providers like Salesforce, Box, and Okta to add context and quickly identify threats in the cloud.
  • Bi-directional Integrations: Implement bi-directional security integrations and automation including third-party cloud security tools such as Tanium, CarbonBlack, and SentinelOne to speed up your response time.

Detect and Respond to Threats to Your Cloud Data

Cloud data is highly dynamic and requires a solution that can identify unknown attacks. If your security solutions are only searching for known threats, you could be missing attacks.

  • Risk Scoring: Leverage comprehensive risk profiles of users that include context from a user’s identity, employment, security violations, IT activity, physical access, and even phone records.
  • Pre-built Threat Content: Utilize out-of-the-box cloud threat content such as unauthorized cloud resource usage or application access, identity theft, and administrative privilege misuse.

Meet Your Compliance and Data Privacy Needs

Organizations moving to the cloud need to ensure they meet compliance mandates. If compliance isn’t followed, you risk fines and loss of reputation that can hurt your organization.

  • Data Compliance: Demonstrate compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, SOC 2 Type 2, and other mandates with role-based access control, data masking, and other built-in privacy controls.
  • Data Privacy: Ensure data privacy with encryption keys to secure data at rest with AWS KMS or bring your own key (BYOK). Additionally, data in transit is encrypted and uses the HTTPS port.

Threat Detection & Response for Your Multi-cloud World

Learn the key elements of finding the right solution to detect threats in a multi-cloud world.


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Securonix Enables Stronger Cloud Security Monitoring

Securonix is a cloud-native security solution that deploys as a service to provide organizations with cloud-to-cloud monitoring.

  • Simplify cloud data collection and response with more than 350 built-in cloud connectors.
  • Gain visibility across your environment including cloud, hybrid, and on-premises resources.
  • Meet your compliance and data privacy needs with privacy controls and encryption to keep your data secure at rest and in transit.

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