Securonix for Healthcare

Monitor how users interact with patient records and comply with regulatory requirements using advanced security monitoring and industry-leading behavior analytics.

Identify Threats Before They Harm Your Organization

Healthcare records are a high-value target for cybercriminals, making data breaches a major concern for healthcare providers. Securonix Next-Gen SIEM reduces the risk to protected health information (PHI) and electronic medical records (EMR) by alerting your security team to cyberattacks before a breach happens.

Take a Smarter Approach to Detecting PHI Misuse

Securonix Next-Gen SIEM is uniquely capable of meeting the needs of the healthcare industry. Leveraging the latest advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence, our solution baselines normal behavior patterns, detects suspicious data access, and identifies real threats to patient data, quickly and accurately.

Unlock Stronger Threat Detection and Response for Healthcare

Streamlined Integrations

Collect events from all major EMR applications to detect and respond to suspicious behavior patterns.

Compliance Reporting

Leverage out-of-the-box reports to help you stay HIPAA and HITRUST compliant.

Robust Data Insights

Visualize activity and threat patterns in your environment to uncover actionable insights.

Behavioral Analytics

Detect threats to patient data using out-of-the-box healthcare use case content.

Mitigate Threats
Drive Efficiency

Detect Threats to Patient Privacy

Patient records contain sensitive information and need to be protected for privacy and compliance with HIPAA and HITRUST. Our Next-Gen SIEM includes built-in masking, role-based access, and an audit trail that monitors patient data activities with minimal false alarms.

  • Compliance Reporting: Securonix provides built-in dashboards and reports that visualize activity and threat patterns in your environment to help you remain compliant.
  • Data Privacy: To ensure compliance with HIPAA and HITRUST, Securonix masks privileged information from the security team during the event collection and analysis process.

Mitigate Threats to Sensitive Patient Records

The Securonix solution is uniquely equipped to protect medical entities and PHI through connectors to leading electronic medical record (EMR) applications and pre-built healthcare-specific threat content powered by our industry-leading security analytics.

  • Pre-Built Use Cases: Benefit from immediate access to content to address Insider Threats, Malware and more.
  • Risk Scoring: Know when to take action with comprehensive identity and risk profiles for every employee in your environment.

Drive Security Efficiency

Our solution empowers your SOC to accomplish more with less overhead. Securonix streamlines detection and response with autonomous threat sweeps, machine learning, and built-in incident management so your team can focus their time on the investigations that matter most.

  • Built-In Incident Management: Create cases with ease and add real-time and historical context to incidents across the solution with an intuitive and collaborative investigation workbench.
  • Autonomous Threat Sweeper (ATS): Automatically and retroactively hunt for emerging threats based on the latest Threat Labs research.

Solve Your Unique Security Challenges with Securonix

Explore how our Next-Generation SIEM is uniquely capable of meeting the security needs of the healthcare industry.


Large Healthcare Organization

“Securonix provides automated incident response capabilities to help our security operations team respond rapidly to incidents. Every alert identified has a playbook of recommended actions for the forensic analysts and incident responders to leverage response capabilities.”

Large Healthcare Organization

“Securonix is a good SIEM product to detect anomalies and secure your environment from known cyber threats . The tool is user friendly and allowed us to do customizations while onboarding the in-house business application. The Behavioral Analytics based use cases have helped us to identify both malicious insiders and intruders in our network.”

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Ensuring patient privacy is essential, and Securonix can help. We help you increase your EMR application security and monitor users and entities by leveraging the latest advances in machine learning to baseline normal behavior patterns and alert you to compromise.

  • Secure your organization’s IT infrastructure from patient data theft, advanced threats, malware, phishing, and other attacks.
  • Detect suspicious patterns in EMR data that could indicate a cyberattack.
  • Leverage robust reporting to visualize activity and stay compliant.
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