Insider Threat Detection & Response

Detect and respond to insider threats across your hybrid cloud environment.

Catching Insider Threats is Hard, We Make it Possible

Can you tell when users are accessing sensitive data with malicious intent? While traditional security solutions focus on protecting organizations from external attackers, Securonix helps you discover hard-to-detect threats from insiders with industry-leading Next-Gen SIEM and behavior analytics.


Insider Threat Detection Trends

Did you know that email and content management products are some of the top attack vectors for insider threats at 68%? Learn more in our Threat Labs research report.

Catch Common Insider Threats with Securonix

How Securonix Helps You Uncover Insider Threats


Quickly Detect and Respond to Threats From Within

Insiders already have access to valuable company information and may regularly access it as a part of their job. This access can pose a huge risk when left unchecked and unmonitored. Using behavioral analytics, you can identify and investigate when user access patterns deviate from normal behaviors.

  • Advanced Behavior Analytics: Monitor user’s access and activities around critical assets with out-of-the-box analytics content and patented machine learning algorithms. We help you identify insider threat attacks that span multiple alerts with minimal noise for rapid detection and response.
  • Incident Response Orchestration: Stop switching between disparate tools to investigate and respond to threats. Leverage built-in incident response orchestration and automation to quickly investigate and remediate insider threats with Securonix SOAR.

Monitor the Highest-Risk Users

Even with behavioral analytics, it is difficult to find abnormal user behavior. Many users and entities have multiple accounts and may work on different networks. Securonix gives you the ability to track users across accounts and trace lateral movement and nefarious activity.

  • Entity Context: Securonix generates a comprehensive identity and risk profile for every user and entity in your environment. This simplifies your ability to focus on high-risk users across your IT environment.
  • Peer Group Analysis of Users’ Behavior: Analysts can rapidly recognize high-risk users by comparing the actions of one user against their peers, allowing you to automate manual outlier anomaly detection. Once you identify high-risk users, you can add them to a watch list to keep a close eye on their activities.

Hunt for Threats in Real Time

Insider threats often use low and slow attacks to avoid detection. To address this, Securonix Next-Gen SIEM’s SearchMore features streamlined threat hunting on both historical and real-time data.

  • Long-Term Search: Reduce the time needed to investigate and find threats that are already in your environment. This search capability enables threat hunters to search on historical data easily, without impacting SIEM performance.
  • Live Channel Search: Securonix delivers faster search results and quicker threat hunting capabilities with real-time search capabilities on streaming data, without having to wait for parsing.

Wipro Insider Threat Program

Wipro needed a partner to help them gain control over their data, and seamlessly detect insider and advanced threats in the cloud. Learn why they chose Securonix as their security partner in this customer testimonial.


Uncover Insider Threats with Securonix

Detect insider and advanced cybersecurity threats with the power of analytics, using Securonix UEBA.

  • Quickly detect and respond to threats from within
  • Monitor the highest-risk users and privileged users for misuse
  • Hunt for data exfiltration across historical data, in real time
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