Catch Insider Threats

Insider threats are difficult to detect because they come from within your organization. Employees, contractors, and partners require differing levels of access credentials in order to perform their jobs. Attackers can trick these insiders into giving them access or offer them money to knowingly take valuable information from the company.

Traditional security solutions focus on protecting the organization from external attackers. But this strategy neglects the damage an internal resource could do, maliciously or unwittingly, to the organization.

Securonix offers the ability to detect and respond to both external and internal threats with next-generation SIEM augmented by industry-leading UEBA.

Securonix Insider Threat

One in three security incidents can be attributed directly to insiders. Insiders are trusted and know where the most sensitive data resides.

“Employees or contractors identified as a ‘flight risk’ are linked to 60% of insider threat cases, increasing the likelihood that such incidents will involve the theft of sensitive corporate data.”

How Securonix Helps You Stop Insider Threats

Securonix UEBA offers out-of-the-box use cases for many types of insider threats including data exfiltration, privilege account abuse and misuse, compromised users, and botnet infections. By analyzing a diverse set of users, systems, applications, security events, and physical access data Securonix identifies high-risk behavior and prioritizes incidents for analysts to investigate.

Securonix also combines related security events together using contextual data. Instead of five separate alarms, analysts receive one alarm with five events attached, saving your security team valuable time.

Discover how to build an effective insider threat program.

“We've been able to correlate people whose last day at work was within 48 or 96 hours of having foreign travel booked. Those things, by themselves, don't really mean anything, but as part of a model they add to the score of someone who has data leakage events. We've used those factors successfully to increase the score of someone with leakage events and prioritize them so that we can react before the person has left the company and the country.”

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Securonix Stops Insider Threats

  • Designed to detect and respond to insider threats.
  • Fast time to value and ROI with out-of-the-box use cases.
  • Reduces incident response times with a single solution for detection and response.

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