Partner Programs

Partner First: Partner Always

The Securonix Philosophy of Partner First: Partner Always has been a leading reason behind our growth and success as a company. Lasting security is only possible through partnership. Industry leading security analytics and response only happens when the best quality data and integrations come together to enable them. Together we succeed.

Two Partner Programs

For Transformative MSSPs and Resellers

Core to Securonix’s success has been the partners, resellers, MSSPs, and consulting partners who transform their customer’s security operations. They deliver the Securonix Security Operations and Analytics Platform, augmenting the capabilities of businesses technology and security personnel.

For Technical Alliance Partners

Security is a connected world. This is why the Securonix Fusion Program includes vendors and providers from across IaaS, cloud-based applications, and intelligence solutions, as well as security vendors. Effective security requires visibility and control across all these elements.

Together, we deliver to our customers an outcome-focused SIEM solution which is part of an integrated, cohesive ecosystem.

Existing Partners