Celebrating Market Leadership and Major Milestones in the Securonix Journey

By Sachin Nayyar, CEO of Securonix


I am thrilled to share with you our progress and growth during the past 12 months with news about our leadership placement on the Gartner SIEM Magic Quadrant, our strategic partnership with Verizon, and our latest innovations through new platform capabilities.

As we step into a new decade, adoption of the cloud is no longer a mystery. As organizations move to the cloud and cloud-based applications, security teams are challenged with protecting against dynamic, diverse, and ever more advanced cyber threats. At the same time, business leadership demands reasonable costs and operational efficiency.

At Securonix, we recognize the challenges customers face and we are committed to providing solutions that enable our customers to conduct business securely. We work hard to provide customers with a reliable threat detection and response platform, built in the cloud to protect the cloud and harness the many benefits cloud has to offer.  Namely, dynamic scalability, control, predictable costs, and operational efficiencies. These advantages help both security operations and business leadership meet their priorities, while better managing cost and operational efficiency, even as business needs change.

Securonix Leadership in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for SIEM

We are thrilled with our positioning in the new 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for SIEM. Our Leader positioning is a result of Securonix’s completeness of vision and ability to execute.

Key Product Investments

We have made key investments in the past 12 months that are focused on improving the ability of our customers to protect against advanced threats, while reducing their operational overhead:

  • End-to-End Security Operations and Analytics Platform: Organizations struggle with siloed products and platforms as the overhead and complexity of management and integration invariably outweigh the benefits. With the Securonix Security Operations and Analytics Platform we are providing customers a single platform that includes SIEM, UEBA, SOAR, NTA, and a Threat Intelligence solution.
  • Threat Detection as a Service: Threats are more advanced and dynamic than ever. Your threat detection content needs to be dynamic as well. The old method of tying threat content to product release cycles is outdated and too slow to stand up to modern threats. With cloud-based SIEM, we provide customers with immediate access to the latest and greatest threat models and use cases. The continuous refresh of content ensures that customers are always up to date on the latest advancements.
  • Protecting Against Multi-Cloud Threats: Most organizations today have a hybrid infrastructure with elements of cloud, on-premises, and mobile. To protect such environments, you need a cyber security solution that is compatible and fully integrated with that ecosystem. Securonix has made a strong commitment to cloud and IoT with major investments and strategic partnerships. In 2019, we achieved Tier 1 security competency with AWS and have strong integrations and partnerships with several major cloud providers.
  • Dynamic Scalability: Lack of scalability is an age-old pain point with SIEM technology. With on-premises deployments the problem becomes even more pronounced – scaling requires more/new hardware, and in some cases re-architecture (i.e. start over). Securonix leverages the elasticity and dynamic scalability of cloud and our big data stack (i.e., Spark) to allocate resources on-demand and enable our customers to scale as needed without impacting performance.
  • Immediate Time to Value: Traditionally, SIEM deployments are long and painful – taking several months before you see value. Securonix cuts down the time to value from months to hours. Our cloud SIEM deployments enable us to provision resources and enable SIEM monitoring for customers in a matter of hours.
  • Minimal Overhead: SIEM deployments can be complex – with significant deployment and operations overhead. We believe the security operations center (SOC) should be focus on stopping threats and not on the operations and management of the platform itself. With a fully managed cloud SIEM and 24×7 operations team, we take ownership of platform operations which enables the SOC to focus on threats and response. With tightly bound SLAs, we are committed to providing customers with a high degree of service.

Major Milestone with Verizon Partnership

In January, we defined 2020 as a critical year for partner investment and growth. On that note, I am very excited about the announcement of our strategic partnership with Verizon. Securonix will be the engine that will drive the new, re-imagined Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service by Verizon. Combining Verizon’s decades of managed service and incident response experience with the powerful analytics capability of Securonix Next-Gen SIEM will help organizations elevate their cyber defense strategies to even greater heights.

Building out our managed service provider (MSP) offering has been a key focus area for Securonix. The Securonix Cloud SIEM, with its multi-tenant architecture, analytics-driven approach, and a fully-managed platform offering, makes it very attractive to MSP partners. They can now focus their resources on threat detection and response without having to worry about architecture and product operations. Securonix provides several transparent deployment pricing options for MSPs in order to enable them to switch over from legacy platforms and rapidly grow their business on the Securonix cloud platform.

Securonix has hired some of the industry’s top talent to build and grow our MSP program. David Wagner, VP of Global MSSP Business, is an industry veteran with a very successful track record of growing strategic partnerships. Nancy Reynolds, VP Channel Sales and Alliances, is a highly accomplished global sales and channel executive with a proven track record. Under David and Nancy’s leadership Securonix has on-boarded over a dozen MSSP partners, and we are excited about the pipeline and growth in the near-future.

Continue to Focus on Innovation

While we continue to grow our capabilities and market share in the SIEM space, we are not losing sight of innovations. We are utilizing the latest in trends in technology, machine learning, and AI to develop solutions that improve our capability to fight against even the most advanced cyber threats. At Spark 2020 we announced some very exciting capabilities:

  • Analytics Sandbox: The Securonix Analytics Sandbox is a first of its kind in-line test environment that is built into your production deployment. It enables organizations to build, test, and validate use case content prior to pushing it out to production. Leveraging the dynamic scalability of the cloud, Securonix is able to provide this capability to clients without having to allocate permanent resources, which can be expensive.
  • Victimology Correlation: Cyberattacks today are multi-stage – an attacker compromises a victim’s account, which in turn can be used to target other assets, and so on. Cybersecurity solutions see these as isolated incidents – because the source and destination are different in each case. Therefore, in the process they lose sight of the main culprit that is the origin of the attack. Securonix victimology correlation maintains the dynamic linkages from such multi-stage attacks and attributes the risk score to the original source of the attack, enabling organizations to combat threats at the root.
  • Threat Research and MITRE Contributions: Threats evolve continuously. Securonix has a dedicated team of threat experts, data scientists, and content developers that monitor the latest trends and outbreaks, decipher them, and develop zero-day content. No one organization can do this alone; our threat researchers collaborate with organizations such as CERT, MITRE, industry ISAC’s, and others. Securonix was recently recognized as a content contributor by MITRE.

At Securonix, we recognize that our customer’s cloud presence and security needs continue to evolve. Wherever your data resides – cloud, on-premises, across mobile or IoT devices – and no matter what technology choices you make – cloud vendors or apps – Securonix will be there to protect you every step of the way. That is our commitment to you.

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