Happy International Women's Day from Securonix

On this International Women’s Day, we honor the strides made in recognizing and celebrating the achievements of women globally, while also acknowledging the ongoing journey towards greater inclusion and equality. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to contribute to this progress.

However, I recognize that my position should not be considered ‘unique’ in the cybersecurity industry. It’s imperative that we strive for a future where diversity in leadership is the norm rather than the exception. While strides have been made, there is still much work to be done.

To advance women in cybersecurity, we must prioritize several key initiatives:

Investing in the next generation: We must prioritize investing in young women from an early age, fostering an environment that actively encourages them to pursue careers in tech and cybersecurity. By providing exposure to diverse role models and highlighting the successes of women in these fields, we can effectively make the industry more accessible and attainable.

Sponsorship as the next level of mentorship: While I have been fortunate to have had great mentors who have guided me throughout my career, I believe we need to take mentorship a step further toward sponsorship. We need people to actively advocate and recommend women leaders for positions and pathways that lead to the corner office. It’s essential for established leaders to champion the next generation of female talent.

Skill-centric hiring: The way we work and communicate has changed significantly demanding a shift towards skills-centric hiring. By focusing on the potential and capabilities of individuals rather than solely their credentials, we unlock doors to a more diverse and innovative workforce.

Let’s use this International Women’s Day as a catalyst for change, a moment to amplify our collective voices in support of diversity and empowerment. Together, we can make the cybersecurity industry, and the world, a more inclusive and powerful place where diversity in leadership is a given, not the exception.

Nayaki Nayyar
CEO, Securonix

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