Introducing Simplified Security: Securonix Unveils New Pricing and Tiered Packaging

Pricing models have always been a common source of debate for SIEM solutions. That’s why we listened to the feedback from prospects and customers and are evolving how we charge for our product. As of April 1st, we have switched to a GB/Day pricing structure and tiered packaging options, aligning with industry standards and your preferences. We’re committed to simplicity, so we’re keeping pricing low while eliminating any unnecessary complexity. Additionally, our revamped packaging offers you more flexibility and cost savings through carefully crafted bundles. 

Simplified Pricing

Gone are the days of guesswork – our products are now quoted based on a GB/Day capacity band, ensuring predictability. In response to your need for flexibility, we switched to a hybrid commitment and pay-as-you-go price model with pre-negotiated overages. We understand that your usage commitments need to align with your fixed budgets while also accommodating month-to-month variations. With tiered pricing for data ingestion, we’re providing you with headroom for usage expansion without incurring unexpected costs. Because, let’s face it, accurate usage predictions during initial scoping can be challenging.

Overview of Packaging

Our goal with new packaging is to make each product tier easily defined and to give you a variety of options to fit both your budget and use cases. You should be able to buy the functionality you need to address your use cases without going over budget, which is why our pricing comes in 4 tiers.

Package 1 | BASIC

Ingestion, enrichment, storage and search, basic analytics, basic response

This package is great for organizations addressing basic compliance and log management needs. This package offers strong log management and basic rule-based alerting. Analytic capabilities evaluate both individual events and also can aggregate events for context. This package also includes 90 days of hot storage with Snowflake data lake and 1 year of cold storage.

Package 2 | STANDARD

Ingestion, enrichment, storage and search, standard UEBA, threat models, basic response

This package is a good option for enterprises with strong threat detection and response capabilities. The standard package offers robust behavioral analytics tools for anomaly detection to assist with threat hunting and incident investigations. Along with ultra-fast search capacity, this package also comes with 90 days of storage on the Snowflake data lake.

Package 3 | ADVANCED

Ingestion, enrichment, storage and search, advanced UEBA and adaptive threat modeling, posture assessment

The Advanced package offers a premium suite of capabilities for complex security needs, and a focus on threat detection and triaging​. Perfect for mature enterprises and MSSPs, this package helps detect Advanced Persistent Threats and provides you with proactive threat coverage assessments, and out-of-the-box analytics to detect common use cases such as insider threats, ransomware, APT, and more. You gain 365 days of hot storage and have access to 5X the ultra-fast search capacity of the standard package.

Package 4 | ALL-IN

Advanced log management, advanced behavior analytics, adaptive threat models, context enrichment, threat automation, orchestration, posture assessment, retroactive threat hunting, on-demand context

This package gives you the complete Unified Defense experience integrated within one platform to expedite the TDIR process for your analysts​. The All-In package is for organizations looking for a complete and fully integrated set of capabilities to support a mature threat detection, investigation and response practice. Along with Unified Defense SIEM, you also get access to Autonomous Threat Sweeper, Securonix SOAR, and Securonix Investigate. This best-of-breed bundle includes: 365 days of storage, advanced threat detection with response and security automation baked in, and 10x search speed of the standard package. You also get retroactive and autonomous threat sweeps, and context on-demand with an advanced, AI-integrated collaboration tool built into the UI.

Standalone UEBA

Is your current SIEM not meeting your needs from an analytics perspective? Securonix offers best-in-class AI and advanced analytics to detect fraud, insider threats, and other business-oriented use cases. Securonix UEBA can augment SIEM analytics capabilities without the need to replace your SIEM.

To make the transition smooth for our existing customers, these changes to pricing and packaging will only go into effect once discussed at the renewal stage. We’re committed to providing you with the best value, flexibility, and transparency in our pricing and packaging. Join us as we strive to better serve you, our valued customers.

Contact us to learn more and find the right package for you.

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