Securonix Announces Packaged Solution to Help Organizations Intelligently Monitor and Secure Their Remote Workforce

As organizations around the world adopt to a remote work from home in order to ensure the safety of their employees, they are exposing themselves to added cyber security challenges. Securonix is committed to helping organizations stay secure and focused on business continuity and productivity.

Having a large workforce working remotely presents several unique challenges from insider threats to advanced cyberattacks. Securonix is uniquely positioned to help due to the following reasons:

  • Securonix pioneered user and behavior-based monitoring. The Securonix UEBA solution provides the capability to perform identity-enabled behavior monitoring that is critical in order to detect threats in a remote work environment.
  • Securonix, being a cloud based SIEM platform, can be deployed and enabled within a matter of hours without any additional infrastructure investment.

Today, Securonix is introducing a packaged solution to help both existing and new customers deal with the security challenges posed by COVID-19 and remote workforce setup.

Security Challenges

In the current remote work environment organizations are facing critical security challenges. These challenges can be categorized broadly into the four buckets below.

  1. As people work remotely organizations are exposing their critical assets through unknown or less secure channels.
  2. Phishing campaigns are on a rise and users are more vulnerable as they eagerly click on news related to the crisis.
  3. Remote access devices are a critical point of failure and subject to targeted cyberattacks.
  4. COVID-19 related malware implants and malicious applications are making their way onto endpoints and hosts, compromising the system.

The Securonix Remote Workforce Monitoring Solution

In order to help organizations cope with these security challenges, Securonix has created a task force of data scientists, threat researchers, and detection engineers in order to develop and deploy a packaged solution that provides rapid visibility and detection.

The packaged solution contains out-of-the-box content that includes connectors, use cases, and threat hunting queries that customers can deploy rapidly to start monitoring for threats.

The solution is delivered in the Securonix cloud and requires minimal time and effort on the side of the customer to enable it.

Focused Data Sources

To ensure quick value, the solution focuses on a prioritized list of key data sources that are critical to monitor. This includes:

  • VPN / remote authentication devices
  • Proxy
  • Email gateway
  • Endpoints
  • Critical cloud applications such as Microsoft Office 365, AWS, and Microsoft Azure

Securonix Analytics Use Cases

The use cases delivered by the solution are aligned the challenges outlined above. The Securonix threat research team is continuously collaborating with customers in order to learn from the trenches and optimize Securonix use case content. The content is automatically refreshed and maintained in order to enable the best protection possible for our customers.

A sample of key use cases enabled by the solution are outlined below. The data feeds and use cases can be adjusted to best fit the customer’s environment’s needs.

Professional Service and Threat Hunting Support

Securonix has included professional services hours as part of this low-cost solution. This includes subject matter experts (SME) from our customer success and threat research teams that can assist customers with deploying quickly and with threat hunting and investigation.


The solution is available at no additional cost to existing Securonix customers. This ensures they are able to get value from their Securonix deployment without any additional investment during this difficult time.

For new customers, Securonix is providing a highly discounted option with a specially-packaged solution that is deployed in Securonix cloud. The pricing bundle includes professional services to deploy and enable the solution.

The Securonix Remote Workforce monitoring solution is available for all current and new Securonix customers. This program will be effective through June 30, 2020.

To request more information , please reach out to [email protected] or contact your Securonix account team.

*Securonix reserves the right to update the terms of these program offers at any time without notice. Terms and conditions apply.

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