Securonix EON Takes Center Stage at Record-Breaking RSA Conference

It’s now been two weeks since we had an exhilarating time at RSAC 2024 in San Francisco, CA, and it’s safe to say Securonix left a lasting impression! The energy surrounding our recently launched Securonix EON capabilities was electric, and we’re excited to share some highlights from the event.

Building Momentum, Delivering Results

In the months leading up to RSAC, our teams meticulously planned and executed a multi-faceted marketing strategy. This included email campaigns, digital initiatives, and social media engagement, all culminating in a significant buzz for Securonix. With a record-breaking 55,000+ attendees this year, RSAC was the perfect platform to showcase the power of Securonix EON, our new suite of AI-Reinforced CyberOps capabilities.

Engagement at an All-Time High

Our booth was a hub of activity, attracting thousands of verified visitors and hundreds of demos. Among these were representatives from leading industries like Consumer Electronics, US Government/Military, Retail and Financial Services. The pre-scheduled meetings facilitated by our Sales, Customer Experience, Channel, and Marketing teams proved invaluable, fostering productive conversations with numerous prospects, customers, partners, and press members. To further enrich our content library, we captured live testimonials from partners, customers, and Securonix team members.

Brian Albrecht (Dir, Sales Engineering) demos Securonix EON capabilities to prospects


Creative Activations and Award Recognition

We implemented unique engagement strategies to attract attendees. A punching bag machine with a virtual leaderboard drew a constant crowd, encouraging friendly competition and providing an icebreaker for potential conversations. A captivating theater presenter delivered over 80 presentations throughout the week, effectively piquing attendee interest and driving them towards demos. The industry took notice as well, with CRN recognizing Securonix EON as a top 20 product at RSAC!

Booth Attendee takes a swing at the Securonix Punching Bag


Securonix EON Theater Presentation


Executive Insights and Networking Opportunities

Securonix CEO Nayaki Nayyar’s interview with theCUBE generated significant attention, sparking discussions on the evolving role of AI in cybersecurity. 

Securonix CEO Nayaki Nayyar interviews with theCUBE on the RSA floor


We also co-sponsored a private executive dinner with Semperis, featuring Chris Inglis (Former National Cyber Director & Advisor to the President), and hosted exclusive lunch events focused on AI-Reinforced CyberOps and the future of AI in cybersecurity. These events, overflowing with 100s of attendees, featured expert insights from Nayaki Nayyar (CEO), Haggai Polak (CPO), Solay Addaikalavan (VP Product), and AWS’s Matt Girdharry (WW Head of Security Partnerships). 

Securonix / AWS Fireside Chat (Left: Augusto Barros, VP Marketing. Center: Nayaki Nayyar, CEO. Right: Matt Girdharry, WW Head Security Partnerships, AWS)


Over 100+ customer, prospects and partners enjoying the Securonix EON launch events at FANG restaurant


To conclude the week, we hosted a well-attended CyberOps Social Club happy hour, co-sponsored by Bitdefender & ISH, providing a relaxed environment for attendees to connect.

CyberOps Social Club Happy Hour at The Fly Trap


A Team Effort for Unprecedented Success

The overwhelming success of RSA Conference 2024 is a testament to the tireless efforts of the entire Securonix team. A special thank you goes to everyone who went above and beyond, from those onsite to those providing the logistical, behind-the-scenes support led by our own Anita Vohra. We are also incredibly grateful to Biju Muduli (CMO) for her vision and execution throughout the RSAC and to our Advisory Board Members who joined to support us in key engagements: Chris Inglis, Tom Harrington, and Bob Rose.

Securonix Marketing Team (left to right: Taylor Kain, German Fabella, Anita Vohra, Biju Muduli, Hadley Coulter, Caren Auchman, Augusto Barros, and Phil Tran)


This year’s RSA Conference was undeniably our strongest showing yet. The groundwork laid by our Field/Demand Marketing, Product Marketing, and Brand Marketing teams since November 2023 ensured a memorable experience for all attendees. We look forward to continuing this momentum and building upon this success at future industry events.

Left to right: Don Leatham, Bob Couto, Mark Stevens, Anita Vohra, Hadley Coulter, Biju Muduli, Jillian Kessler, Kason Mullins, Nayaki Nayyar, Carlie Pham, Caren Auchman, Al Arun, Augusto Barros, German Fabella, Stephen Murihia, Haggai Polak, Venkat Kotla


Securonix EON Infographic
Securonix EON: A New Era of AI–Reinforced CyberOps