Don’t Get Left Behind

Outdated Tech Stifles Innovation. Securonix Delivers Security for the CyberOps of 2024 and Beyond.

The recent Exabeam and LogRhythm merger creates challenges related to roadmap management and platform integration. This can lead to product roadmap changes, discontinued features, and a focus on integration over innovation. Securonix offers:

  • Open security platform architectures that seamlessly integrate with your existing security infrastructure, cloud providers, and security tools to protect your existing security investments
  • Unified Threat Detection, Investigation and Response with an agnostic, cybersecurity mesh architecture to avoid vendor lock-in.
  • Embedded AI capabilities across all SIEM layers to protect against AI-powered attacks

Securonix was also a pioneer in UEBA and has continuously improved its behavior analytics capabilities, with innovations such as the recently announced Securonix EON. Checkout the latest Securonix EON Datasheet and Infographic to learn more.

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Why Securonix

Our agnostic, Cybermesh platform provides unmatched flexibility and future-proofs your security strategy. While Exabeam is still burdened by technical debt from its recent cloud migration based on unproven Google Cloud features, Securonix introduced its cloud-native architecture over 5 years ago. Our award winning Unified Defense SIEM platform is built on Snowflake to ensure virtually unlimited scalability, lightning fast search, AI-Reinforced security, and  faster innovation cycles to keep pace with evolving threats.  View the CyberOps of 2025 and Beyond Report to see how Securonix is investing in innovation and AI. Our groundbreaking suite of AI-Reinforced capabilities will transform CyberOps by delivering 10x speed, precision, and efficacy.


Customer Success Story

Key Callenges

  • Lack of visibility into employees’ and contractors’ behavior
  • Lack of behavioral insights to detect insider threats and external threats
  • Lack of customization for specific use cases
  • Lack of ability to handle and ingest huge volumes of data from multiple sources

Checkout the full story on why a Large US Regional bank chose Securonix over Exabeam, LogRhythm and Splunk in this customer case study.

A large regional bank knew it was time to upgrade their SIEM. Their legacy on-premises SIEM solution was experiencing stability issues causing their security team to spend time maintaining the solution instead of investigating threats. Additionally, their SIEM solution had limited contextual enrichment and analytics capabilities only covering basic use cases, which made the security team worry they were missing threats in their environment.  Preferring a cloud solution for their security operations center (SOC), the bank’s security team sought out information on top software-as-a-service (SaaS) SIEM solutions. They looked at Exabeam, Splunk, and Securonix. The bank wanted to ensure the chosen next-generation SIEM could detect advanced threats, ingest more of their environment’s data, and was easy to customize for specific use cases.

Securonix was seen as a strong contender to address these key challenges and was eventually chosen to replace their legacy SIEM because of the increased scalability and cost efficiency the Securonix solution provided.

Seamless Migration

Migrating from Exabeam to Securonix is simpler than you think.  We offer a proven migration methodology and dedicated support teams to ensure a smooth transition.  We’ll leverage your existing security expertise while upgrading your capabilities to a modern, AI-Reinforced SIEM platform. New innovations like the Securonix Hub allows for faster onboarding of data sources and integrations for over 500 OOTB connectors. Faster onboarding means faster time to value and faster detections. Checkout how to make the SIEM switch by reading our latest Migration blog.


Gartner Magic Quadrant 5x Leader in SIEM

Securonix was named a Leader in the May 2024 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Security Information and Event Management (SIEM). This is the fifth consecutive time Gartner has recognized Securonix as a Leader in the Magic Quadrant for SIEM. Download the Gartner Magic Quadrant for SIEM report here.

Securonix is pushing forward in its mission to secure the world by staying ahead of cyber threats. Securonix Unified Defense SIEM provides organizations with the first and only AI-Reinforced threat detection, investigation and response (TDIR) solution built with a cybersecurity mesh architecture on a highly scalable data cloud. The innovative cloud-native solution delivers a frictionless CyberOps experience and enables organizations to scale up their security operations and keep up with evolving threats.

Schedule a demo today to see how our industry leading UEBA and EON capabilities provide a predictable and innovative solution for the CyberOps of the future


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